10 Things to do in Cambodia with Children


Going to Cambodia with children can be overwhelming for the most seasoned of travelers. Its wealth of activities is certainly daunting. Catherine, a mother of three, narrows the selection down to provide readers with the cream of the crop. 

It is not easy to come up with family trip ideas that will satisfy the wishes of all family members. However, there is a country that is a perfect match for the most demanding tourists –our kids. Going on a trip to Cambodia with children is not among family trip ideas for nervous or too emotional parents. However, calmer parents can bring their little ones to Cambodia and enjoy all the attractions and family trip ideas of this wonderful country. This family trip idea can easily turn into the best vacation with kids if you do the following ten things.

Relax on the Beach of Sihanoukville

Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville is considered one of the best beaches in Cambodia. The popularity of the beach is due to the luxurious and fine sand, its large selection of hotels (from cheap guesthouses to all-inclusive kid-friendly resorts), and its close proximity to the city center, and a lot of trip ideas. Restaurants and bars are located on every corner. Serendipity Beach
resembles Baga Beach in Goa, only in miniature and can become one of the best family trip ideas.

See the Waterfall Phnom Kuhlen

This site is worth seeing – it can become a great family tip idea! And tourist routes are perfectly adapted even for children. The main thing for parents is to worry less about the
child realizing this family trip idea. Trust space and let the baby experience his little trip. For the child, the perception and sensations of his parents in relation to this family trip idea are
the most important. He looks at the world through their eyes. He is well wherever they play with him, they smile at him and show the world in the trip, be it ancient temples, natural
beauties, architectural delights or any other family trip ideas. A tired and restless parent will become a much less pleasant companion for a child in realizing family trip ideas than an
inspired, albeit a bit weary, because of the constant running around at the places learned from Cambodia travel guide.

See the Temples of Angkor

Cambodia in the context of family trip ideas is a great place for kids. The temples of Angkor are a real childhood dream. Here your children will be able to run as much as they like,
climb, trip, and try the role of Indiana Jones. And for more grown-up family members, the temples of Angkor are the perfect place to learn Cambodia facts (for example, there are 4000 temples in Cambodia). Be sure to realize this family trip idea as well!

Visit the Waterpark in Phnom Penh

If you are visiting Cambodia, one of the best vacation ideas for kids and family trip ideas is to visit this place. This is a great way to have a fun day enjoying the huge number of water
slides, swimming pools and small playgrounds for the smallest children. The best family trip idea will be to visit it on weekends since the coolest slides are usually turned off during the
week. And do not forget the sun protective cream for family, since the shadow in the water park is not very easy to find but this is the only drawback of this family tip idea.

Meet Freshwater Dolphins Near Kratie

One of the most interesting family trip ideas is to visit Kratie. Kratie is a small town located on the Mekong. You will be able to find this location in any Cambodia travel advisory. This is an
unexpectedly beautiful place with a relaxing atmosphere, lots of colonial terraced houses and traditional Khmer wooden buildings with dark red tiled roofs. As a family trip idea, you can rent a boat and sail to the opposite bank of the Mekong to watch the unique Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins. There are less than a hundred left here, so they are considered one of the attractions of the country. This fact makes this place one of the best family trip ideas.

Visit the Kirir National Park

This park is the real natural wealth of the country and a great family trip idea to realize. You and your family will be amazed by the abundance of flora and fauna that has been preserved
in this corner of the world since time immemorial.

Learn What Elephants Do in Retirement

It is good to be an elephant in Cambodia: if you are lucky, in your old age you can be redeemed from the owner and sent to a unique nursing home called the Valley of the
Elephants. Here 40-60-year-old animals enjoy a well-deserved pension. While their fellows roll tourists and uproot trees, they blithely walk through the jungle and interact with the same”old men.” If you travel Cambodia and have a family trip idea to get here through Cambodian bumps, you will be allowed to walk on the heels of retired elephants all day and watch their
life in nature. Be sure to watch movies about elephants before to discover more about them, and get more family trip ideas.

Visit Ream National Park

Be sure to analyze the next family tip idea. Ream National Park Located 18 km from Sihanoukville. Here you can see several ecosystems – coasts, mangroves, tropical forests. Analyzing this family trip idea, take into account that the park has 155 species of birds and monkeys, and in the period from December to February in the river waters you can see a white freshwater dolphin. What do you think about this family trip idea? The reserve organizes a boat trip on the Prek Tuk Sap river to its confluence with the sea. The path passes through the mangroves, where you can admire tropical birds. Along the way, a stop is made for a walk through the undergrowth, in a fishing village, on the beach of Koh Som Poch, where you can swim, sunbathe and swim with a mask. As a family trip idea, you can also climb the Mount of Worship, from the top of which overlooks the entire park. Visiting this place can be one of the best family trip ideas while visiting Cambodia.

Practice Aerobics Right on the Street with Local Residents

And here is one more family trip idea. Every day at five o’clock in the evening all lovers of active movement gather in the city squares for energy and vigor. In the center are huge speakers and the coach begins his lesson! Do not ignore this family trip idea – it is a lot of fun because the Cambodian exercise is very different from the traditional understanding of fitness idea. Your family will definitely appreciate such a non-standard approach and family trip idea!

Visit the Wat Phnom Temple

This is a shrine for the locals, but tourists are also welcome. You will be able to touch the spiritual, get to know the cultural and religious background of Cambodia, and finally ride the elephant. Do you know more places to have the best Cambodia vacation with kids? Or some other interesting family trip ideas? You are welcome to leave comments!


Bio: Catherine Wiley has three kids. Her life goal is to show them the world in all its diversity. Feel free to use her tips and experience to make your trips with kids enjoyable and stress-
free. She also shares her travel guides at


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