24 Hours In London: The Perfect Family Day Out

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London, London, London, where do you even start! There are endless options when it comes to visiting this city, so many that you could feel overwhelmed when planning a short family getaway. So as a seasoned Londoner, I have compiled a list of my favourite things to do over 24 hours in London for a perfect family day out!


Breakfast at

Breakfast is by far my most favourite meal, so I take it very seriously. So, depending on what mood we are in we have different places we like to visit:


  • Breakfast Club: think all-day breakfast with a tad of 80s pop culture! The menu is eclectic from pancakes to avocado on rye to chorizo hash, there is definitely something for everyone. The portions are also big enough to keep you going and sometimes skip lunch too!
  • EL&N: Instagram lovers, this ones for you! (they even have a menu of instagrammable drinks!) With a few locations scattered around London, it will not be hard to find one close to you! The breakfasts are a mix of breakfast bowls, pastries, and a variety of eggs.
  • The Good Egg: I am all about savoury when it comes to breakfast so I simply adore this place with its Israel-inspired dishes. A must-try! 

Must See:

As the time is short and London is vast, you want to try and make the most of the day and walk the city. No matter where you are, there will be something to see and simply losing yourself between the small alleys and bridges would be enough to keep you entertained. However, if you want to see some of the most famous landmarks you can tick off quite a few by simply walking on the Southbank between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge:


Houses of Parliament

Big Ben


Blackfriars Bridge

Tate Modern – Cross the Millennium Bridge to see Saint Paul’s

Shakespeare’s Globe

Borough Market

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Pro tip: We’ve got more about the kid-friendly amenities at these sites as well as hidden gems in our London Destination guide


Lunch at

By now, you should have understood how much I love food and how I plan any day out around restaurants, cafes, and food markets! 

Talking about markets, I cannot think of anything better than to stop for a bite to eat than Borough Market. Plenty of choices between the stalls and the surrounding restaurants. Just wander around and take your pick from a variety of international flavours. You simply cannot go wrong.

Hidden Gem

Brick Lane and Spitalfield Market. Yes, I know, not the most hidden but definitely one of the best places to visit. This thriving neighbourhood has so much to offer from Jewish bakeries, street food, street art and graffiti, antique markets, bars, and cinemas. I mean you could really spend an entire day here and still want to come back for more. 


Chilling Time

If you ask me, there is no better way to relax than finding a nice spot in any of the London parks and just watching the people go by, maybe with a nice hot chocolate or an ice cream depending on the season. Did you know that there are more than 3,000 parks in London? This should make it easier to find a park near you if you only have 24 hours in London.

Dinner At

Here we go again. Get ready for some truly amazing food.

  • Busaba: if you like Thai food, this is the place for you! With multiple locations across London, you will find one close to you in no time. Think Bangkok food right in the heart of London.
  • Côte: this French-style bistro is ideal for kids. Their two and three courses kids menus are greatly priced and consistently good. Multiple locations across London.
  • Cafe Murano: go here if you are in the mood for great Italian food. The mix and match £10 kids menu is perfect for little eaters.


Best of The Rest

So much to see so little time, 24 hours in London are not near enough to see everything but plenty to pack in quite a lot. Take a Thames Clipper and watch the city go by from the river. Get immersed in the history of London by visiting some of the most famous sites like the Tower of London or Houses of Parliament (did you know that you can book a tour?).

Check out the many markets that stretch across the city or simply. Walk around the financial district and get lost in between the modern glass buildings. 

You can never get it wrong in London, so put on your sturdy shoes and get walking. If you want some more tips to discover this wonderful city, check out our London destination guide


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