3 Destination Experiences From Home That Will Scratch Your Travel Itch

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Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t see the world! In fact, current travel restrictions might just be reminding us how many virtual resources already exist to help us learn about the world and enjoy experiences from home!

Below we’ve compiled some activities, food, and drink to help you feel like you’re a world away…but from the comfort of your own home. We hope these ideas will help break the monotony and help scratch that travel itch. 



Enjoy Paris from the comfort of your own home!

Pull out your tablecloth, cloth napkins, LED tea lights, and a little culinary courage (you won’t need much—easy recipes to follow) and transport yourself to Paris, France. Bonus points if you can manger dehors (eat outdoors) for a more authentic French cafe experience.

Ideas for what to watch, listen, and do:

What to eat:

What to drink:

  • For the adults: wine from Cotes du Rhone region (shop online at for many affordable options) or a French 75 cocktail made from gin, champagne, lemon, and simple syrup. Find more yummy French cocktail ideas here.
  • For the kids: Orangina (which originated in Spain, but is popular in Europe, especially France and Switzerland) or milk, apple or orange juice.


Your low-key Roman dinner setting could be similar to what we describe for Paris above, though you could go rustic and pull out your red and white checked tablecloth if you have one. Honestly though, for either destination, it’s all about the food, the drinks, and the landmarks.

Ideas for what to watch, listen, and do:

destination experiences from your living room

What to eat:


What to drink:

  • For the adults: an Italian wine (Asti Spumanti, Chianti, a Super Tuscan or Prosecco), a Peroni (beer) or a Negroni cocktail (made from gin, Campari, sweet vermouth and an orange peel)
  • For the kids: Italian cream soda
  • You also can’t go wrong with a traditional espresso—black or con Panna (with cream)



Another fun option is bringing the great outdoors INDOORS. What kid doesn’t love cozying up in a sleeping bag and eating quintessential camping foods?

Ideas for what to watch, listen, and do:

  • Set up a tent in your living room, playroom, or screened-in porch—or if you’re brave, in your backyard. If that sounds like too much work, even sleeping bags and pillows on the floor are sure to be a hit with the kids. (If you have a SlumberPod, it makes a great pretend tent for indoors and/or will let your baby or toddler get in on the indoor camping action.)
  • Turn off the lights and only use flashlights, lanterns, or dimmed string lights as light sources.
  • For additional ambiance: ask your kids to bring stuffed animals to stage around the room for a more authentic outdoorsy feel.
  • Play this camping/nature playlist on Spotify to get your virtual fill of crickets, bullfrogs, and owls.
  • Tell not-very-scary scary stories with a flashlight illuminating your face from below.
  • Play cards (several kid-friendly card games are linked here). 
  • Take a virtual hike of Mount Baker in Washington State via YouTube.
  • Snuggle up close and watch a camping-related movie on an iPad. A few movies to consider are The Parent Trap (the original, or the 1998 remake), Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, and Holes.


camping at home!

What to eat:

What to drink: 

  • A little more decadent option is stovetop hot chocolate (adults can add peppermint schnapps or vanilla or peppermint vodka)
  • Or, for adults, at least to me, a cold can of beer is a camping dinner staple. 
  • Fruit and mint infused water if you need to give yourself or the kids a break from sugar. 

What travel experiences from home have you enjoyed with your family? Any fun themed activities and foods you enjoyed that you would like to share!? Or what other destinations would you like to see covered on Bébé Voyage? We’d love to hear from you! 

Katy Mallory is the co-founder and CEO of SlumberPod. With stay at home orders in effect she wanted a way for her family to be able to virtually travel and have experiences from home that went above and beyond the usual. These destination experiences were the perfect answer and we hope you enjoyed them as much as we have! 


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