5 Amazing Winter Train Rides That Everyone Should Take Once In Their Life

5 best winter train rides that your entire family will enjoy!


Unfortunately, this winter and holiday season most people will either choose not to travel or not have the ability to, due to the covid19 pandemic. We thought about making this article into one that still showed the train rides that were operating this year, but quickly realized that they were few and far between. So, instead, use this article to daydream and plan for your winter vacation next year. We found some pretty phenomenal winter train rides that we think will knock your socks off. So go ahead, book that winter trip for 2021. Afterall, you are going to need an unforgettable trip to celebrate making it through 2020!


Polar Express Train

The Polar Express is a classic book that children all over the world are familiar with. Every kid’s fantasy of being escorted to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus comes more and more to life as they turn each page. The book became so popular that a movie starring Tom Hanks graced the silver screens and dozens of railroads decided to try and make the dream of journeying to the North Pole come true for children by offering Polar Express Train rides. Kids and parents alike dress up in their best pajamas and head to the train station for the holiday ride of their life. Decked out with lights and decorations, families are invited on board with their golden ticket. Once in their seats, hot chocolate, Christmas carols, treats and of course Jolly Ol’ St. Nick himself join in on the fun. Most rides last about an hour and will take families through a decorated and scenic area of the railroad. 


Northern Lights Alaska Train

Headed to Alaska to try and spot the Northern Lights? Then be sure to book this train ride to get you there! This weekend train trip starts in September and runs through May carrying passengers from Anchorage to Fairbanks and back again. The journey is long, 12 hours long, so be sure to bring some games for the kids or download a few movies on to their tablets. Make a fun game into seeing who can spot a moose or get them a hot chocolate treat as they sit warm in their seats while staring at Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America. The train ride is a great start to what we are sure will already be a memorable trip for the entire family! 


Train of lights 

Photo Credit: Dartmouth Steam Railway

This award-winning railroad journey is put on by the Dartmouth Steam Railway and brings families from miles around to enjoy in this spectacular holiday train. The entire journey is a non-stop Christmas show that leaves children in total awe. The fully lit and decorated train entertains for a full 90 minutes as it heads through the countryside and forest which is decorated with lights and magical animals. At every turn there is something aglow that will have your children squealing with excitement as the Christmas spirit races through your entire family. 


Santa Claus Express

What is your child’s dream vacation? To an exotic beach? A city with famous sights? Historical ruins? While those might be many of our dream trips as parents, they might not necessarily be our kid’s first choice. (although we doubt they would mind going to those either!) Kids are all about having fun and most of their dream vacations would take them where there is plenty of it. A water park, Disneyworld, skiing…or how about Santa Claus’ Village? I mean to be fair, even as adults I think most of us would love to meet the “real” Santa and his reindeer! Seeing the Northern Lights to boot would make it a pretty ideal trip for most of us. Well, the Santa Claus Express brings that fantasy to life. An overnight train from Helsinki to Lapland takes travelers through the dark and frigid countryside of Finland while they sleep warm and toasty in their beds. Only to awake to the beautiful colors of the northern lights dancing above their heads and Santa’s reindeer nibbling on cookies outside. A once in a lifetime trip for anyone that truly believes! 


Bergen To Oslo Railway

The Bergen to Oslo journey is a great train ride for the winter. They even have a family car with a kid's soft play!


There is something so magical about a train ride through Norway. Take that trip in the Winter though, and the journey becomes a winter wonderland experience that the entire family will remember. The Bergen to Oslo railroad is a popular way to travel between the two cities. Of course, you could always fly but what fun would that be!? The approximately 7 hour journey will traverse through different rugged mountain landscapes that will have you relaxing warm and cozy in your cabin as you head through the winter wonderland. If the scenery isn’t enough to keep your kids entertained, then be sure to book the family car. (Book early, its popular!) The family car has an incredible soft play area for younger children as well as a tv that shows kid-friendly movies throughout the journey. If that’s not enough to convince you, make it a multi-generational trip and have the grandparents watch the little ones while you and your spouse head up to the bar and grab a couple warming drinks as you watch the train steam through the snow drifts. While we wouldn’t recommend heading to Norway just to take this train trip, its definitely a fantastic addition to your Nordic adventure while you are there!

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