5 Best Organic Baby Products I’m Stocking Up on During my US Trip


Getting the best organic baby products is much easier to do in the US and Europe than it is in Africa or South America. (I won’t vouch for other parts of the world, as I’ve not yet lived there with a baby!) 

Having lived with a baby in Mozambique and now Argentina, I’ve gotten pretty good at making lists of products I want to make sure I stock up on during our home leave trips. 

Here are the best organic baby products that I am stuffing my suitcase back to Argentina with: 

Serenity Baby Food Pouches

I love that not only do they have organic ingredients but they also have more sophisticated things like grass-fed beef and wild-caught salmon. The more I found out about them and the producers they source from, the more I love them! 

Follow this link to place your order.


Kabrita Goat Milk Formula

My 13-month old has sensitivities to cow dairy (runs in the family!), but he loooooves goat cheese. So I figured I would try out some goat milk formula, especially as I’d like to wean him off the boob soon. 

PS You can get a free trial offer of their Goat Milk Formula + Porridge + snacks using this link


Noleo Diaper Cream

This is a great cream to clean your baby’s butt with, but it also moisturizes and protects! So I only need one product instead of three! Handy at home, but also anything that is multi-use is great for travel! 

PS We’ve scored you a free sample! Use this NOLEO link and use code TRYNOLEO at checkout. 


Reima Kid Clothes

Cute, durable clothes that are also good for the environment… win-win! With great Scandinavian design and a commitment to protecting the planet, you can’t go wrong. I am particularly excited about their waterproof toddler sneakers and their outerwear which is rugged enough for even the most intrepid lil’ adventurers.  

Click this link to start shopping!


Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles

I am so over plastic and for food, I love replacing it with stainless steel. That’s why I was excited to see that my favorite water bottle company, Klean Kanteen, also makes stainless steel baby bottles. I’m also picking up a sippy cup which I can then turn into a sports water bottle simply by swapping out the cap. So I know that I will be using this bottle for years to come! 

Click here to order yours.


What are the best organic baby products that you recommend? Anything else I should pick up while I’m in the US? 

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