5 Easy Adventures In Quebec City!


J’aime la Ville de Québec and if you do not go there speaking french, you will definitely leave with a few key phrases under your belt.  While keeping much of their French flare and language, Québec City is a perfect spot to get a cultural experience without crossing the ocean.  Like any vacation spot, hitting all the museums and hot spots is a given.  Here are the five easiest adventures in Québec City.

Visit Île d’Orléans

If you have the opportunity to stay on, or even visit for a day, Il de Orleans is a gem all on its own.  This massive island is home to cottages, multiple vineyards and wineries, and tons of cute shops and independent vendors.  On your way out, don’t miss an incredibly tasty lunch at Goéliche hotel resto-terrasse.  A perfect place to unplug and enjoy nature, the charm of simple pleasures, and views across both parts of the St. Lawrence River.

Enjoy the dining options

There is not just one restaurant in Quebec.  The entire city buzzes with great restaurants, outdoor seating, and delicious food.  You don’t have to be poutine obsessed (but why wouldn’t you be) to enjoy all that the city has to offer.  There were more than enough options to appeal to everyone in your family. Just don’t forget the ice cream afterward!


Walking the Hills

The hills of Quebec City are impressive and beautiful.  Simply walking the streets is an adventure.  The architecture and art of Old Quebec offer lots for the eyes to see.  There are but if you are looking for a breathtaking view, travel to the top of Parc du Bastion-de-la-Reine or over to the Plains of Abraham. Perfect spots for picnics or photos or just racing up and down the hill.

Visit the Dufferin Terrace

The terrace is the perfect spot to view the St. Lawrence river and take in the beauty of Old Quebec.  This is also a fantastic spot to let the kids run amok without worrying about the streets.  Which after walking all of the hills to get there, you will cherish it.


Take a tour of the Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site

Located under the Dufferin Terrace, this laid-back but interesting tour of the original fort and the various phases that the attached residence went through.  You can peek down through the glass from the street or pay a small fee to go down into the ruins, which are the remains of the kitchen.  Medieval buffs will enjoy seeing how the kitchen and intricate pantry worked back then.  


Quartier Petit Champlain

The shops throughout Quebec City all have a lot to offer. For the most memorable experience, take a stroll through Quartier Petit Champlain.  This pedestrian street is full of charm. Umbrella Alley and plenty of string lights give a magical atmosphere.  The buzz of people is fun with interesting art and shops.  Kids will enjoy being able to walk and enjoy the music and sights, while parents can get a little shopping done.


No matter what adventure you choose in Quebec City, be prepared to learn some French along the way.  More touristy spots will speak English with you.  However, if you go beyond Old Quebec or the hot spots, expect to use a little Google Translate to help you communicate with local residents and businesses.  While it can be a little frustrating in a new spot, it is a great lesson in navigating language barriers, and not going in fluent in no way will dampen your love for the wonderful city.  If anything, it will fuel you to nail “Grand café glacé, s’il vous plaît.” on your next visit.






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