5 Favourite Television Programs To Travel With. For Kids By Kids


Now, this is a very subjective subject, but I thought that I would ask my five-year-old what her top five ultimate television programs that she would happily load up the iPad with for long journeys. Whilst I am not a fan of lots of screen time, there are times where it is extremely useful, and indeed her school this holiday has loaded us up with online books for her to read! This is great in my opinion as it saves me lugging physical books whenever we travel.

Amélie’s list obviously changes on a fairly regular basis but the top three have been favourites for a long time. Most of them she can happily watch with her brother (two) too and since many of them have educational value, I have no problem with them either! A win-win for a long journey. Her reviews are in italics!


Go Jetters

I like the Go Jetters because they go all around the world and they teach me about being careful about nature and the places they visit. I really like when Ubercorn does his funky facts!

I also love this programme – they really have been all round the world and are a fantastic introduction to many countries, cities, and places. An example being, we had to drive past Stonehenge a few weeks ago, and knowing this, during her TV time the night before, we watched an episode of the Go Jetters. When we were driving past, she then was able to regale us with lots of ‘funky facts’ about the place – it really added to her understanding. 




The Octonauts because they always do fun things, and they always prepare for adventure. I learn lots about sea creatures and the places they live.

This programme has some fantastic stories and engaging characters, but for me, the best thing about it is that they contain lots of accurate facts. In each episode, you learn something new. One of the UK top quizzers joked that as she had small children, all her marine knowledge came from the Octonauts – I’m pretty sure mine does too!



Because they always play lots of fun games and are really funny – they make me laugh all the time. I also really love their dance at the start – I enjoy joining in!

Ok, this one she mostly watches with her father, but the snippets that I’ve seen are extremely cute and seeing both A & N trying to train their father to be a Daddy Robot to clean up after them is quite frankly one of the funniest things I’ve seen. 


The Dinosaur Train

I liked the Dinosaur Train because they always go on adventures to learn about different dinosaurs. The train is fun with lots of different dinosaurs including a really big one! It is a bit like Andy’s Dinosaur adventures which I also like a lot but the dinosaurs don’t look so real in this one so it’s not so scary!

I think A might have chosen this as her brother likes it so much, and the fact that school used it during their dinosaur topic. I personally prefer Andy’s Dinosaur adventures as they are more ‘realistic’ and also contain lots of facts, but as she says it is a bit scarier as a result as much as N likes dinosaurs, I think he finds this a less intimidating option. I like the fact that they talk about hypotheses and do learn about each dinosaur’s features. 


JoJo and Gran Gran

JoJo and Gran Gran are brilliant because they do exciting things, and they teach me to be happy and to help others.

This is one of my favourite programmes on CBeebies. It’s a young Black girl and her grandmother living their life in a city in the UK. It has the format of a cartoon story with a ‘real life’ section in the middle which features different groups of children learning something. It’s extremely sweet and gorgeous to watch.

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