5 Sustainable Outwear Brands For Your Next Adventures!

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Let’s sustainable outwear. We all know the saying that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing…. This might not be entirely the case, but the right clothing certainly helps! Outerwear is one of the areas of children’s clothing that can be reused for several children. I have just passed on my son’s padded puddle suit to another child, and before him, it had already gone through one of our Facebook Club’s admin’s two children! With care, I’m sure it could do at least another couple!

When not being generously passed down clothing, I buy all our outerwear from Vinted or FB buy & sell groups as you can pick up some amazing brands barely pre-loved for a fraction of the cost that they would be new & it’s one of the most sustainable options. This isn’t always possible though as it does involve constantly thinking ahead and planning. For those moments, why not look at the following sustainable outwear brands that have outstanding outdoor wear that not only is made sustainably but is made to last. These you can either purchase new (direct or from some amazing independent stores) or through clothing rental services, examples being Super Looper or The Little Loop.



This is our go-to for their Rain or Shine Trousers, their Explorer all-in-ones, and their toasty trail jackets. They do that extremely important thing of keeping children warm and dry whilst washing terribly well! They are all made from post-consumer recycled polyester which is a win as far as I’m concerned. The age 3-4 explorer suit apparently recycles 35 plastic bottles! You can find their Clothes on Little Loop & for skiwear, it is a significant reduction. However, I find with Frugi the resale market is so strong, that actually it can work out better both for your wallet and the environment, to buy through either Facebook or Vinted.

(UK Brand, sold worldwide)


This always heads any list of sustainable outwear brands. Patagonia not only produce sustainably sourced clothing, but they are more than just allies to the environmental cause. They are activists challenging countries, politicians, and the general public. Not necessarily a cheap option but then no truly sustainable clothing brand is, and you really do pay for what you get. I hardly ever see them for resale as they just get passed down from child to child!

(Sold worldwide)

Dino ski

This is a company I’ve watched from afar and very much want to buy one of their snowsuits. I mean, which child wouldn’t want to be gracing the slopes in a dinosaur or a lion snowsuit (other designs available). They are so absolutely adorable and are environmentally minded to boot. However, the price point is £185 which I find incredibly off-putting, as cute as they are, and they rarely come up on the second-hand market!

(UK Brand. From the States you can purchase through Selfridges)

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Little Green Radicals

Another fantastic company that is dedicated to making the children’s clothing industry a fairer and more sustainable place. They have always used Fairtrade organic cotton and are signed up to the ‘who made my clothes’ initiative. They use zero plastic packaging and in their rainproof outerwear again use recycled plastic bottles. In addition to this, they are also subscribed to super looper where you can send in your used clothes and get a voucher to spend. These clothes are then added to the Super Looper library for other families to enjoy.

(UK Brand. Ship direct to EU. Sold in the USA through Independent retailers)

Polarn O Pyret

Originally a Swedish brand, but now franchised out across the world, this company stands for quality, long-lasting and useable clothes that are friendly to the planet. In the UK PO. P has also started their own second-hand shop and are also subscribed to The Little Loop, a children’s clothing rental company.

(Available worldwide)



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