5 Top Activities To Entertain A Kid On A Plane!

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Going back to flying this year has been a little shocking to the system, especially when it comes to entertaining a child during the flight. Somehow, during the first flight of 2021, we found ourselves a little lost on what to do and panicked packed more than we needed to. For minimal packers like us, we found it a little overwhelming. So now that we are approaching another flight we have decided to go back to the basics when it comes to entertaining our kid on a flight. So here is our list of activities to entertain a kid on a plane, if like us you are technology-free!


Colour outside the lines

Our to go to is usually pencils, crayons and colouring books. We love creativity and we do tend to all sit-down and colour in together. We like to make a game of it. One of us decides the theme and we all have to draw the same thing or use the same colours to colour in. It’s a pretty good way to stay busy on a flight.


Magnetic toys

When it comes to activities to entertain a kid on a plane, we are not big on toys are they often get broken or lost. The only exception we make are magnetic tiles. Mostly because they are durable and don’t get lost! Building tiles are my favourites, we tend to build entire cities on the little folding table and then make up our own stories!



This is one of my most favourite card games to play, so we taught A how to play, pretty early on. Yes, cards do fall on the floor and things can get a little over-exciting at times (A is actually a really good player and ends up winning a lot…and trust me I do not let her win…I sulk more than she does when I lose! LoL) but it’s a great way to get involved and waste a little time.

Story Time

We are all avid readers, so we are always surrounded by books. With A starting to get her way around reading simple books we always make sure to reserve some time for reading and encourage her to discover new stories. It’s also a great way to start new conversations and talk about what we have just read together.


Let them buy one new thing at the airport

During the year we give A a little pocket money. We are quite strict with this as she has to split the pocket money into three separate pots:

  • One for savings
  • One for charity
  • One for spending

The one for spending is usually reserved for when we travel so A can buy herself a little toy or new book at the airport to use during the flight.


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