5 Top Places To Visit In New York City


New York City is one of the most touristy destinations in the world. People travel from all over to spend time in this iconic city. This means that Broadway shows, museums, even many stores are packed and require a LOT of pre-planning to get to experience them. But, no fear! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the Big Apple on the fly and without losing your hair. Below are 5 spots that you will enjoy with minimal planning and low stress!

Times Square

If you have never been to Times Square, GO! It is such an iconic spot that it is worth the crowd just to feel the energy and see where some of your favorite shows and scenes were shot! 


Central Park 

Trying to stay away from the most touristy spots, but there is a reason Central Park is famous. It has it all. Remote control sailboats, paddleboats, restaurants, or just stroll and people watch. A day at Central Park will never disappoint you. If you have the time, be sure to get to all areas of the park to experience everything!



Frozen Hot Chocolate sounds like it is made up, but it is not, and we are grateful for that! Serendipity is the cutest restaurant. You COULD go for lunch, or you COULD just order one of their fabulous Frozen Hot Chocolates and call it lunch. If you have little travelers, be prepared to share. The size is more of a bowl than a cup!

Prospect Park

Hopping over to Brooklyn will be one of the best decisions you can make. NYC meets a little bit more of a chilled-out vibe. Prospect Park is a fantastic alternative to Central park, better parking situation and so many great things to do!


Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie + Valentino Park and Pier

We love finding small businesses to support as we travel to new cities. Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie was the perfect hidden gem! It is also in Brooklyn but tucked away in an urban industrial area. Grab some pie from this small business and sit along the bay, enjoying the view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty! Perfect for a quiet evening or midday break from a busy day!


Finally, a little NYC tip. We went in mid-August and were shocked at how easy it was to get around. Apparently, mid-August is when there is a break between summer camps and the start of school. So many city families are heading for that one last vacation or beach trip before school starts. So, if that trend stays true, “post-COVID” mid-August was a perfect time for us to get around with minimal traffic and people! A nice easy intro into New York City!


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