5 Top Spots In Miami For The Whole Family


Will Smith knew Miami was hot! It is such a fantastic city and not just for the clubs and Latin vibe. Believe it or not, Southern Florida has some of the country’s best parks and easy-going activities. Check out five of our favorite spots in the Miami area!

North Beach Oceanside

Want Miami Beach but not the crowd that comes with it? Drive a little bit North. North Beach Oceanside Park is a great point to access the beach, but the parking (and access) are not nearly as tricky as going down to South Beach. Not to mention the combination playground + park setting + beach makes this spot perfect for families who want more than just the sand and the ocean.

Oleta State Park

This Florida State Park is a very welcome nature break. Take a nice walk through the park, and keep an eye out for alligators down in the water! Then visit the playground before making your way over to the lakefront beach. If you feel a bit more adventurous, rent a kayak and go out on the lake for a few hours!

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is off the Southern end of Miami. The drive down through Virginia Key is gorgeous, and there are several spots to pull off and enjoy the beach or a nice ocean walk. On the other side of Key Biscayne is Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. Pack a picnic and enjoy the ocean, or check out the free tours of the lighthouse and the history of the park! You can also have a far-off view of Stiltsville, a collection of colorful shacks built right in the water.


Adventura Mall

Just north of Miami, in Adventura, FL is Adventura Mall. It IS just a Mall, but in Florida, a space to sneak indoors is always a plus. Not to mention, this mall is worth seeing. It feels like its own city, including a gigantic slide from 93 feet! (FYI-The slide is currently closed. But put it on your radar for it to reopen!) If you are not seeking adventure, you can see a movie, grab a bite at a fun restaurant or pick up new outfits for the family. It is a fun place to spend an afternoon after several days outside.

Wynwood Walls

Enjoy some art and culture at this “Urban Graffiti Art Museum.” They have tons of programming and tours, but you can also go and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the outdoor murals and gallery.

Find time to check out South Beach and visit the museums and major attractions. Those are phenomenal as well. The vibe of Miami is so unique and uplifting that you can’t go wrong no matter what you do!

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