5 Top Sustainable Luggage Brands For Your Next Holiday!


The holidays are coming, and something that is top of lots of travelling families’ lists is new luggage. Whether that is a weekender bag for those quick overnight trips or a solid suitcase that you can chuck in the hold of an airplane and not worry about your clothes and belongings getting ruined. Here are my choices, of the best, and of course, most sustainable luggage around at the moment. Obviously, the most sustainable thing you can do is to use what is already in your cupboard, if you really need another set or item, these companies have some really fantastic options.


Whilst people often don’t think of this company as being an ‘eco’ company, they actually have a fantastic range of products made out of recycled products that are not only eco-friendly but also relatively friendly to the pocket (which many of the eco brands are not). Bought for Christmas 2019, I have been exceptionally happy with my Eco Spinner made from recycled plastic. It is very light which is good as at 81 cm (31.5 in) it is huge – I bought it for travelling solo with my two children so I didn’t have to juggle lots of smaller bags & it has been perfect.

Elvis and Kresse

This brand is effortlessly stylish (so much so one of their bags is on display at the V&A museum in London, UK), indestructible (which makes them a wonderful long-term investment), uses 100% recycled raw materials and they give 50% of their proceeds to charity. What is not to love? I first discovered them in a little boutique in Clerkenwell about 10 years ago and fell instantly in love with the brand. I alas only have a few small pieces so far (belts, purses, etc) but am eyeing up their weekender bag as well as their small postbag for my Christmas list.



No list of sustainable brands would be complete without Patagonia, and their duffle bags are quite simply the best duffle bags in terms of durability out there. When it comes to sustainable luggage, they have a wide range of colours and literages available. You can even get a wheeled version. For every day, their rucksacks are extremely good too. I have only just said goodbye to my old Patagonia backpack after 20 years – that isn’t bad going considering the abuse it took! Even within their backpacks, they have different styles too to cater for different shaped backs.


Not a brand you automatically associate with being eco, however, they do have a very good recycled range, and for those brand lovers out there, it is a solid choice. Even if you choose not to buy from the recycled range, they believe in the longevity of the product, and their rigorous testing standards, and commitment to repair their products means that they are reducing the amount that goes to landfills. They are also working towards using 100% renewable energy by 2025 which is a fantastic target. My choice from their range for both practicality and material is the 4 wheeled carry-on.


This is a brand I’m not personally familiar with, however, it is fast becoming the most talked-about sustainable travel brand and won the 2021 Travel + global vision award for sustainable travel essentials. This company has it all – their lines are simple and elegant, they can be personalised, and they have a range of complementary accessories which are simply stunning, and look like they would make incredible stocking fillers! They are unfortunately at this time only USA-based, but they hope to be able to open up to international purchasers soon.

Do you have a favourite sustainable luggage brand?

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