7 Fun Things to do in Saratoga Springs, NY


Bebe Voyage wants to thank Kayla for providing us with this great info about Saratoga Springs! Kayla, who hails from the beautiful town of Saratoga Springs, has always been fascinated by travel and is also a passionate writer. Marrying her two interests together, she is now an ardent travel writer and blogger who shares exciting adventures with her husband, 2 sons and daughter. Her kids are 4,6,and 10 years of age respectively. She shares detailed anecdotes with readers and also recommends places and itineraries, among other things. When she isn’t penning down her experiences, she’s loves attending music concerts and also enjoys horse riding with her family.

Going on a vacation with your entire family and kids in tow can be a great experience, but there aren’t too many places that are kid-friendly and also fun for adults. You might find it hard to believe me when I say that the sophisticated upstate New York destination of Saratoga Springs is a great spot to spend some quality time with your children. However, there’s a wide range of family-friendly activities, attractions, and events. Before you zero in on a place, you can always research and learn more about Saratoga SpringsEven those families looking to travel on a budget will find plenty to do, from racing adventures to museums and exhibitions that are kid-friendly. You can even check out a sampling of the mineral springs at no cost! Browse through this list of 7 fun things to in Saratoga Springs with your kids and start planning your fun-filled vacation:

Explore the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame

When I visited, I noticed that this extremely well-designed museum was engaging for both me and my children through interactive displays that were devoted to the history of thoroughbred racing. I can guarantee you that younger children can spend hours here at the dedicated “Horse Play” area. Here they can design their own racing silks, understand what it’s like to be a farrier, dress like a jockey and even groom a horse. Those with older children need not worry. There’s a multi-speed horse racing simulator which allows them to experience what it is really like to be a jockey.

Picnic at Congress Park and carousel ride

I personally love having picnics with my family. It’s a great way to spend time with each other, especially since it’s in the lap of Mother Nature. I picked up a picnic lunch at The Bread Basket Bakery and headed to beautiful Congress Park. You could also do an early breakfast. We were in Saratoga between the months of May and November, and the children had a chance to ride the beautiful historic carousel for only a dollar. I know for a fact that this was one of their favorite activities while in Saratoga. I quite enjoyed it too, as the park has an expansive lawn. While I spent the day relaxing in the shade, I let the kids blow off some steam. I also got a chance to sample the mineral springs and stroll through the scenic Italian gardens.

Visit the Saratoga Performing Arts Center

I am a huge fan of art and music, and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center was heaven for me. They host performances by the New York City Ballet, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and other musicians. I found that there were many family-friendly events were held here– like the American Girl Night which allows kids to sit on the lawn for a reduced cost. They also had a Friday night family entertainment series which was free. My kids enjoyed the instrument petting zoo the most. It’s where professional musicians invite kids to the stage and let them try out various kinds of instruments. I also learned that picnics are permitted on the lawn, so if that’s something you are interested in doing, you can order a SPAC PAC picnic from Putnam market in advance.

Watch a horse race at Saratoga Race Track

I wanted to introduce my children to thoroughbred racing in a small yet friendly dose, so I woke them up early and brought them to the track. We packed our own breakfast, but there is also a buffet option available. We sat in the boxes and watched the horses work out after a quick bite. The 45-minute tram tour gave us a behind the scenes look and allowed the kids to pet horses, walk among the barns, and learn what a farrier does. I claimed a table in the free family-friendly backyard, and we snacked on some food sold by vendors. I had a feeling my kids would get antsy if we spent too long there so we watched one or two races and once their enthusiasm died out, we left. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience for all involved. Keep in mind that you can watch the race as a spectator only from July 19 to Labor Day.

Visit the Children’s Museum at Saratoga

This hands-on museum targets elementary aged children and younger. My kids and I had a blast exploring this miniature version of Saratoga. Older kids can also have a great time while accompanying the younger ones. Kids can climb trees in Congress Park, play shop keeper at an old-fashioned store, hop aboard a trolley headed to Albany, play a veterinarian, serve meals to their parents at a retro diner, and slide down a firehouse pole. The best part about the museum is that its focus is on learning science, math, and improving motor skills through unconventional methods. At the end of the day, the kids were satisfactorily exhausted from all the fun they had.

Spend the day at Saratoga Spa State Park

I spent the day with my children at Saratoga Spa State Park, and it was a memorable experience. This place is a real gem and has something for everyone! It was summer when we visited and to cool off, we spent a good chunk of time by the Victoria Pool where the kids splashed about in the calm water. We also explored this expansive park on cycles. However, it would be just as fun on foot if you have younger children who cannot cycle yet. If visiting in the winter, I heard that this park is famous among kids. They can go ice skating on any of the two rinks, go sledding, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. If we decide to revisit Saratoga, this park will be at the top of our must-visit list!

Visit Moreau Lake State Park

My kids and I are quite adventurous and enjoy trying new activities. We headed to Moreau Lake State Park where we got a chance to go on a guided kayak trip.  Other things we did here were going on a nature scavenger hunt, swimming in the cool pleasant waters and relaxing on the sun-kissed beach. A day out by the water is always a fun time for your kids. If you as a family enjoy being out in the wilderness, you can also camp overnight by the lake in the peace and quiet.

In conclusion

I know you and your kids will cherish the memories made here forever, just like we did. Don’t forget to indulge in homemade potato chips and club sandwiches. Saratoga is, after all, the birthplace of that invention! What we loved most about this unassumingly wonderful place was there wasn’t a single dull moment for us or for the kids. A family adventure is only complete when everyone has taken home cherished memories, and our trip to Saratoga was a success in this aspect. 


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