9 Best Las Vegas Autism Friendly Activities

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Las Vegas is quite the bustling city, where the lights never seem to turn off, and travelers barely get any sleep. And yet, autistic families should know that they can easily have an amazing time visiting this incredible city! Despite all the sights and sounds, there are plenty of autism-friendly attractions to enjoy during a vacation in Las Vegas. If you have an autistic child, I can see how it can be easy for them to get overwhelmed in Las Vegas. However, a little planning can have your family experiencing the best autism-friendly activities in the city.

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Bellagio Fountains

Almost every autistic child loves the water and that is why the Bellagio Fountains are quite popular amongst autistic families. A stop at these fountains can be a mesmerizing and calming experience. While music plays throughout the day and night, it is only at night when the shooting water is lit up. Those differences are why I always recommend checking out the Bellagio Fountains during both the day and night when you are in Las Vegas.

If you want an even more relaxing experience after checking out the water, I recommend venturing inside the Bellagio. Just inside the doors, you will discover the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. All the floral displays are changed with the seasons, so there is always something new to see!


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

There are so many natural wonders near the city of Las Vegas. However, sights like the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon are normally too far of a drive for autistic families. Thankfully, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only about thirty minutes from the city. While you can walk through this area, or go horseback riding, many people choose to do the thirteen-mile scenic drive to experience the gorgeous views.


High Roller Observation Wheel

Just outside the LINQ is the High Roller Observation Wheel. It is a Ferris wheel that is five hundred and fifty feet high. There are twenty-eight pods for people to ride in to see magnificent views of the entire Strip. You will want to plan your time at this autism-friendly attraction carefully because it can get busy at certain times of the day. Non-peak times are usually the best for most autistic families.


Gondola Rides

Over at the Venetian, you can take your autistic child on an indoor or outdoor gondola ride. These rides last for fifteen minutes, which is the perfect amount of time for anyone. The gondoliers normally sing in Italian as they are guiding the gondola, but you can ask them not to if you think it will disrupt the relaxing atmosphere for your child.


Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Not all the casinos and resorts have activities and attractions for autistic families, but over at the Flamingo, you can see flamingos and other creatures in their wildlife habitat. Simply walk to the back of the building and go outside to explore fifteen acres of lush green space. The first animals you will see are the flamingos. But from there, you will discover koi fish, pelicans, parrots, and ibis.


Shark Reef Aquarium

Over at Mandalay Bay, you will find the Shark Reef Aquarium. Inside this aquarium, you will discover fourteen different shark habitats and one of them includes a shipwreck. I recommend spending a lot of time inside the tunnel because that is where you get to watch the sharks swimming all around you.


Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

One of my favorite autism-friendly activities in Las Vegas is Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. This peaceful area offers a chance to get away from the noise of The Strip and many of the other attractions in the city. When you walk through the gates, you will find yourself near the dolphin pool. If a training session is being conducted, you can stand there and watch. Or you can go to the underground area to watch the dolphins swim and play down near the bottom of the pool. Most of the time, the dolphins will come up to the window to say hello!

Beyond the dolphin pool is the magical gardens filled with white lions, white tigers, and leopards. These animals are surrounded by lush vegetation in their habitats. The massive white lions are easy to spot, but you may need to look closely to find the leopards and tigers during your visit.


There will be a day when you are vacationing in Las Vegas and your family needs a little more structure. This is the perfect time to visit the Discovery Children’s Museum. This interactive museum has three floors filled with exhibits your children will love. Children can easily go from one exhibit to another, as they work on their fine motor skills and even their critical thinking.


Downtown Container Park

Not everyone loves to go shopping when they are on vacation, but if you decide to when you are in Las Vegas, you must venture over to the Downtown Container Park. This open-air shopping center is filled with boutiques and restaurants. And when you are not shopping, you can watch the live entertainment or take a break as your child plays in the treehouse in the playground area.

These are the best autism-friendly activities in Las Vegas, but there are many others you can consider if you are planning to vacation there. These are some tips to get you started planning a trip to Las Vegas, I hope it inspires you to get planning!




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