A Day in the Life of a Mom in Greenville, South Carolina

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Meet Tracy, a mom of two living in Greenville, South Carolina. Tracy takes us on the perfect family-friendly day in Greenville, where we discover her favorite hidden gems, outings, and restaurants. Tracy is also a BabyQuip Quality Provider, which means she rents out baby gear, like strollers, pack n’plays and car seats, to traveling families.  BabyQuip is an affiliate of Bébé Voyage’s which means we earn a small commission if you rent an item from BabyQuip from this page, at no additional cost to you.


Hello! My name is Tracy and I’m excited to introduce you to the Greenville everyone is talking about!

I’m a mom to two bright-eyed girls (ages one and three) and wife to my favorite adventure partner, Jonathan. I’m a native of South Carolina, calling Greenville home for over 12 years. I’m also an Independent Quality Provider with BabyQuip renting high-end baby gear to traveling families. I love the flexibility of working from home and helping families pack light and travel happy while visiting our great city.

mom dad and baby girl in greenville south carolina

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville, SC, blends traditional southern charm with natural beauty and an unexpected contemporary cool. Recently named one of “The best cities in the United States” by National Geographic Traveler, Greenville is becoming one of the country’s fastest-growing cities and emerging travel destinations. There is SO MUCH to see and do!

Join us for a day in our life and plan to visit us soon!

Morning–Wake Up and Pack Up

8AM It’s Monday, our “family day,” and Daddy is home. As this is my only day to sleep in, Daddy fixes breakfast and turns on a brief morning show. Daniel Tiger is our favorite. I get to wake up at a slower pace and savor the silence of getting ready without little ones at my feet!

9AM I pack up the backpack (diapers, wipes, snacks, wallet–check!) and help the girls with their shoes. We have a BabyQuip delivery today, but I’ve packed the car the night before.  We are ready and loaded. (Pictured is my Happy Baby Package plus an additional harness-booster car seat.)

BabyQuip Happy Baby Package plus an additional harness-booster car seat
My Happy Baby Package plus an additional harness-booster car seat.

9:30 AM  We swing by Steam Coffee and Cream for an Americano and muffin. This is my favorite breakfast on the go and weekly snack stop with the girls. Adrienne, the owner, has created a super kid-friendly space.

Morning Outing–Falls Park and Swamp Rabbit Trail

Falls Park on the Reedy.
Bridge Photo Credit: Joe Fishburne

10AM  Falls Park on the Reedy is one of Greenville’s greatest treasures. Located right downtown, we love walking across the 355-foot suspending Liberty Bridge overlooking a waterfall and exploring the 32 acres of gardens and walking trails. Today, the girls enjoy getting close to the river ducks and tricycling further along. The Swamp Rabbit Trail boasts 22 miles of multi-use (walking and bicycling) greenway along the Reedy River.

Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville South Carolina biking with kids
Along the Swamp Rabbit Trail

baby girls in a bob stroller11:30AM  It’s time for lunch at the White Duck Taco Shop, situated not far from the trail. Currently my favorite restaurant, they prepare their food with super fresh and flavorful ingredients. We order a spicy buffalo chicken taco, a fish taco, two steak and cheese tacos, one kids quesadilla (girls split), one chips and queso, and two sodas. At $23.25, it’s a great family meal deal!

White Duck Taco Shop Greenville South CarolinaAfternoon–Nap and Afternoon Fun

1PM–After a scrumptious lunch, we’re back downtown and ready for my BabyQuip Delivery and naptime in the car. Since my hubby is here, it works out for the girls to nap in the car with him while I deliver and set up the gear for today’s BabyQuip order. Customers often provide me with details in advance which allows me to set up the equipment prior to their arrival. This makes it easier for them to settle in and my job super stress-free.

The Hyatt Regency Greenville and The Mouse House (Airbnb) are a couple of family favorite lodging recommendations in Greenville. Both properties are conveniently located downtown and offer great amenities and an accommodating management.

2PM—It’s time for some art gallery inspiration. My oldest is becoming quite the little artist (I happen to be an artist in hiatus). We take the time to pop into two art galleries–Art & Light Gallery and Joseph Bradley Studio–which never fail to inspire us. We own three of Joseph’s paintings in our home. He happens to be nationally known having exhibited his work in New York City, Denver, Houston, Chicago, and Charleston.

3PM—With a couple more hours to kill before dinner, we head to the Greenville Zoo. What fun to see so many interesting animals! The zoo’s collection houses more than 200 endangered animals including Masai giraffes, African lions, and Sumatran orangutans. We also love to spend time with (and even touch) the farm animals.Greenville Zoo farm animals

Evening–The Fun is Not Over!

5PM—Daddy’s day off always welcomes dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizza. Just off Woodruff Road, this restaurant boasts excellent brick-oven pizza and fresh salad. It’s date night worthy yet family friendly. They even provide a plate of pizza dough for kids to play with and have plenty of sparkly lights to keep the little ones happy. We love coming here.

Family dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria7PM—It’s time for bath, PJs, books, and bed! Check out Goodnight Greenville (similar to Goodnight Moon), a children’s book written by local pediatrician Joe Maurer and illustrated by Joseph Bradley. It’s a sweet bedtime story that takes kids on an adventure through many of the landmarks in Greenville that we visited today.


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