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Meet Juliana, a mom of three living in Sacramento, California. Juliana takes us on the perfect family-friendly day in Sacramento, where we discover great destinations including museums, parks, and coffee shops. Juliana is also a BabyQuip Quality Provider, which means she rents out baby gear, like strollers, pack n’plays, and car seats to traveling families.  BabyQuip is an affiliate of Bébé Voyage’s which means we earn a small commission if you rent an item from BabyQuip from this page, at no additional cost to you.

Hello! My name is Juliana and I’m excited to introduce you to the Farm-to-Fork Capital of the world, Sacramento!

juliana with her husband in sacramento

I’m a homeschooling mom to three amazing kiddos (ages eight, six, and almost two) and wife to my forever boyfriend, Jake. I was born in Sacramento and grew up in the small charming town of Auburn, which is a California Historical Landmark due to its Gold Rush history. When I’m not busy homeschooling or coaching my daughter’s baseball team, I’m delivering high-end baby gear to traveling families. As an Independent Quality Provider with BabyQuip, I have the flexibility of working from home and creating my own schedule! Not to mention, I get to help families pack light and travel happy while visiting our great city.

children in sacramentoFor years, Sacramento has been an agricultural monument due to its year-round growing season, ideal climate, and abundant crops. Local restaurants reap the benefits of the home-grown products to create a Farm-to-Fork quality that’s unlike anywhere else. Join us for a day in our life and plan to visit us soon!

Strawberries we picked from Granny Mays Strawberry Farm.

8 AM–Wake Up and Get Coffee

living in sacramento california with the familyIt’s Sunday morning, our “Doughnuts for breakfast day.” First stop, Pushkin’s! Here’s the thing, you have to get there early! They only have doughnuts on Sundays, and the line is always, always out the door. This place is a dream because everything is delicious and everything is gluten- and dairy-free. I know I lost some of you just now, but this place is a Sacramento favorite. So we load up the family and make our way to Pushkin’s. I typically order about a dozen doughnuts as there’s five of us and they’re really yummy. Then, I always get a breakfast sandwich because they make their own bread (GF) and it’s soooooo good.

Then we walk around the corner to Temple Coffee. Sacramento has a plethora of third-wave coffee shops and Temple was the pioneer for the movement (also, the place we went on our first date many, many years ago!). My husband is a coffee snob. If it were his perfect day, we’d hit up all the cafes (The Mill, Chocolate Fish, Insight, Fourscore, etc.) As this is my ideal day, we just do one for now.

Pushkin's customers out in the rain
Pushkin’s customers in line in the pouring rain. Photo credit is from my friend and owner of Pushkin’s, Danny Turner.

9 AM–Out and About in McKinley Park

We take our coffee and doughnuts to McKinley Park. This beautiful park is a fun place for the whole family. I bring the Radio Flyer wagon because it drives well on the grass and it hauls two (sometimes all three) kiddos. We can also load it up with baseball stuff and play ball in the park.

McKinley Park in Sacramento Radio Flyer wagon10 AM–A Visit to the Crocker Art Museum

We go to my happy place, the Crocker Art Museum! The Crocker is amazing! There’s a little something for everybody here as they host classes for kids, large events and weddings, and they have a fantastic gallery. It’s easy to get lost in this place and impossible to see everything in one trip. As a homeschool mom and wannabe artist, I love it here. Below is a picture of my son mesmerized by one of my favorite pieces.

the Crocker Art Museum with a toddler

11:30 AM–Home for Lunch and Nap Time

It’s time to head home for lunch and nap time. While the baby sleeps, I load up the car for a BabyQuip delivery. For this delivery, I bring my daughter along (6) to accompany me. I’m delivering a Pack’n Play, stroller, car seat, and baby swing to a new aunt who is very excited to meet her nephew for the first time. So sweet! I set up everything for her so she can happily welcome her family with everything they need after a long day of traveling. You can see more of the items I have to offer here.

babyquip delivery sacramento1 PM–Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Layer on some sunscreen and put on our ball caps and head to the River Cats game! Baseball is in my blood, and going to the River Cats games is an awesome way to indulge in this all American sport without breaking the bank. They host fun family-friendly entertainment throughout the year. We usually get the lawn seats so the kids can play and run around. There is plenty of bouncy houses, snow cones, cracker jacks, corn dogs, etc. to keep the entire family entertained for hours. My daughter LOVES their mascot, Dinger. Every game, they choose a few lucky kiddos to go out on the field with Dinger during the 7th inning stretch and do some fun games and dancing. That’s my daughter in the picture above on the field with Dinger dressed as a mini River Cat.

5 PM–Dinner at Selland’s

By this time, we are worn out from a long day of fun. We stop at Selland’s because it’s a family-friendly place to grab spectacular food quickly. Honestly, you can eat at any of the Selland Family restaurants (The Kitchen, Ella, OBO’, or Selland’s Market Café) and be blown away. They’re known in Sac for having delicious food served fast at reasonable prices. We order some wood-fired pizzas and take the leftovers home.

7 PM—Bath Time!

As we’ve been all over town today, I have all three kiddos take a bath/shower. My two-year-old goes down first. Every night we read Pout Pout Fish and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Every. Night. My older two kiddos, my husband, and I go downstairs and read a chapter from the final book in The Chronicles of Narnia. We are almost done with the entire series. We say our prayers and send the kids off to bed after a very fun day. This is only the tip of the iceberg for all the fun to be had in a day in Sac. Come visit my city and see for yourself! Be sure to Pack Light and Travel Happy!

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