A Day in the Life of a Mom in Vienna


Looking for family-friendly insider tips on what to do in Vienna with a baby?

Hi–I’m Hira Malin, a stay-at-home mom with a nine-month-old baby boy. We are a multicultural expat family living in Vienna, Austria. Three months ago, we moved to Vienna and are still exploring this beautiful city with our little one. In this short time, I have fallen in love with Vienna which is child friendly and clean with an outstanding infrastructure. It’s one of the best cities to live in.

mommy and baby with flowers in background in viennaAs we have just moved here, we try to explore different places in Austria and neighboring countries. We are lucky to be in Central Europe as we are within reach of so much to see and discover. Day trips are feasible for us as our baby has a sleeping/napping routine which we try our best to not disturb.

So here then is a typical day for us in Vienna. As the weather here is unpredictable, we have to plan our weekends accordingly.


9 AM
Normally, we try to wake up as late as possible on weekends. Since our baby normally wakes up around 9-9.30 AM, we don’t have much choice in the matter. First, I feed my baby. Then, it’s time to prepare a big breakfast as Mom and Daddy skip lunch on weekends. Daddy helps with getting the coffee ready and cutting vegetables. Our breakfast consists of sausages, an omelet, vegetable salad, cheese, bread, fruit, caviar, and coffee. Bébé likes to eat fruit and bread in the morning with us.

After breakfast, we try to relax a bit. Daddy plays with bébé who likes to crawl around. Since he’s trying to walk, we have to give him enough time for all these activities. Otherwise, he won’t stay in the stroller for a long time….


After Mom is done with the dishes and showering, bébé is ready to go out! I put all the essentials, including feeding bottles, HIPP formula, water, baby food, pacifier, extra clothes, diapers and wipes, in his diaper bag. Voilà! We are ready for grocery shopping. Important note–since shops are closed on Sundays in Vienna, we make sure to do our shopping on Saturday.

baby in supermarket in vienna


After grocery shopping, we put the bébé down for a short nap. Meanwhile, I prepare his lunch consisting of boiled vegetables and meat. After he wakes up, he has his lunch and then it’s time to go swimming in the Alte Donau (Old Danube), a dead end of a former river branch of the Danube, separated from the actual Danube by a dam.
The Alte Donau is a recreational area that’s quite close to our house You can spend a lovely afternoon here renting a boat, swimming, and eating. Our baby loves water and his daddy is teaching him how to swim. After swimming, he loves to crawl in the grass. We enjoy spending our whole afternoon on the lake. We usually grab a snack or drink while bébé munches on roast potatoes.

swimming in alte donau vienna with babyIn the evening, we explore Donaupark, an island that separates the Danube from Alte Donau.

Donaupark, an island that separates the Danube from Alte DonauWe stroll around this lovely park and then bébé goes on the swings. He also loves seeing the ducks paddling in a nearby small stream. Being out in nature and breathing clean air always great for kids. We do our best to have bébé enjoy nature!

nature in vienna waterAfter this activity-filled day, we have dinner at a nice restaurant which we choose depending on what we are in the mood for. Bébé dines with us sharing a few morsels, such as a piece of bread or rice. As he’s a big boy now, he wants to eat whatever we eat. After dinner, we go home and put him to bed around 9.30 to 10PM after he’s had his night cereal and milk.
This is the end of a typical day in our life in Vienna. I know that no other place can be like Vienna. We are global nomads and thus don’t know where life will take us next…

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