5 Alternative Baby Carrying Options


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We hear all the time from Club Bébé Voyage members that they want to baby carry when strollers are not an option. Some kids don’t take well to the traditional soft-sided carriers. Other parents find the carriers to be uncomfortable for one reason or another. Luckily there are a handful of non-traditional carrier options that are worth checking out.

1 Hip Carriers | The Hippychick hipseat is a wonderful option for those kids who want to be carried on the hip. It’s a padded seat that straps to the hip and helps distribute the weight of the child across your hips. I’ve found this carrier really useful when we are at museums or other places where my kids need to be lifted up to see things. The Hippychick hipseat also has a little pouch you can add on so that you can carry a wallet and phone in the carrier. The Hippychick is currently available in the the U.K. and the Netherlands.

Another hip carry option is the Bebamour. We haven’t personally reviewed it and cannot find contact info for the company, but it gets decent reviews on Amazon. They also have an option that looks more like a traditional carrier.

2. Piggyback RiderThe Piggyback Rider allows your child to stand on a bar mounted on your back. Your kid is harnessed in as well so he can’t fall from your shoulders. The maker offers a double model, allowing you to carry one child on your front, while the other rides on your back. This sounds like a lot of weight!

3. Saddlebaby Carrier | The Saddlebaby carrier is a hands-free shoulder carrier. It provides some safety when placing a kid on your shoulders. The Saddlebaby also comes in a bookbag model. This is perfect for families like mine that are already giving “shoulder rides.” Leg straps and a small seat back prevent the child from falling. This gives the adult two free hands to push a stroller or check directions on their phone.

4. The Bittybean | The Bittybean is more like a traditional carrier, but makes this list due to its compact size. It folds up so small that it is a staple for travel. We love that you can have it as a “just in case” option anywhere you go, no matter how light you decide to pack. It accommodates kids from 8 – 40 lbs, so it really packs a lot into a small package.

5. Backpack Carriers | The Traveller S3 Child Carrier (EU only) looks like a regular bookbag but unzips to reveal a child carrier. The internal frame is hidden and you have some convenient pockets for storage. This is a great option for kids who can walk, but may still need a ride on long days.

If you are not in the EU, the Kelty Junction 2.0 offers similar flexibility of a backpack and child carrier in one. It’s a framed pack with a bookbag. It’s smaller than other framed pack options, meaning it can be used without issue on city trips as well as longer outdoor hiking trips. (It’s considerably larger than the Traveller S3.) We personally use the Kelty Junction and love that we can take our bag and carrier with us without extra gear. Side straps allow you to pinch the seat closed when not in use, making the bag thinner on your back.

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through one of our affiliate links you help support Bébé Voyage. Additionally we received some of these products for free in order to provide a review. All opinions are our own. 


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