Atlas Book Club Product Review: A Subscription Box For Kids And Cultural Journey All-In-One

Atlas Book Club is a subscription box for kids that is a must for Christmas this year.

Bébé Voyage Mom and Director of Content Reviews the Atlas Book Club subscription box for kids.


As avid travelers we love that we have the ability to show our children the world and give them the opportunity to experience different cultures. The surprise in their eyes when they hear a different language, the joy when they find a new food they love, and the curiosity that is sparked when they see how other children live is what drives my husband and I to keep seeking opportunities to take our children abroad.

But, what happens in the middle of a global pandemic when we are cut off from the rest of the world? Well, besides some serious travel withdrawal on all of our parts, we have also had to look elsewhere for opportunities to broaden their horizons. We found one of those opportunities through a book subscription box for kids. 

Atlas Book Club

Atlas Book Club is a book subscription box which explores a new country and culture each month. It contains an age-appropriate book, souvenir from the featured country, fun facts page, bookmark, postcard, a map, and a sticker to place on the map in order to track the countries you have “visited”. 

They have boxes for kids of all ages from those who are not reading and want picture books to more graphic novels for kids ages 12+. The older children’s boxes may contain more historical fiction and in doing so may have small amounts of violence in them, however Atlas Books takes care to put a warning in if there is anything the book contains that would cause a trigger. They are all carefully curated and read by both children and parents before being chosen.

What Mom Liked

I am a huge fan of subscription boxes for kids. I don’t know about yours, but mine race to the mailbox every single day to check to see if anything has arrived for them. The excitement they get when they see their name on anything (and I do mean anything, they will literally look through the Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalog!) is worth the price as a parent for me. 

The biggest thing I love about Atlas Book Club and what I feel sets them really apart is that they find books that I have never seen before. They come from all over the world and tell stories that truly broaden my kids minds and get them thinking about different cultures. The books are so carefully curated that they even tell stories about cultures within cultures. They are able to find books about the smallest segments of populations and talk about the different minority groups that live within different areas of the same country. The books they choose go beyond just scraping the surface. They really dive into the heart of areas and give kids a true sense of that country while also being age appropriate. 


What The Kids Liked

The souvenirs are also absolutely adorable! From miniature boomerangs to colorful bracelets, there is a fun surprise in each box! My kids loved the beaded South African animal they received in theirs.  They also loved that the box came extremely fast and that the book was something they could start reading straight away. 

Should I Buy This Book Subscription Box For Kids?

We have definitely put this on our kid’s Christmas list as we want to keep their minds open and their curiosity engaged about everyone all over the world. Having no idea when we will be able to get back abroad, I never want them to forget that feeling they get when they meet another child their age from another country. 

We know that we are very fortunate to have the ability to travel. We know that many families do not share that same fortune. So we never want to take for granted that gift. This is such a great way to keep the spirit of travel alive during these hard times and to always keep them engaged.

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