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Baby wearing on the go offers a lot of benefits. You can easily move around while keeping baby close. Plus you can never hold baby too much! If you really want to commit to baby-wearing, carrier accessories can help you overcome weather issues and keep baby occupied even when strapped to you. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite accessories for baby wearing on the go.


Here are a few of our very best carrier accessory recommendations from the members of Club Bebe Voyage.


Pookie Poncho 

The Pookie Poncho from 7am Enfant is the ultimate baby carrier cover. It fits over any baby carrier and even has hoods you can switch so it can go from a baby carrier cover to a car seat or stroller cover. Wherever you use the Pookie your baby will be toasty warm. We are big proponents of the 7am Enfant gear for keeping our kids warm on the go and love the added benefit of being able to use this in multiple ways on a trip.

Viva La Mama Berlin

Viva La Mama Berlin, makes some of our favorite baby wearing coats. The Babywearing Jacket is made of warm fleece and it’s so so cozy. We love that you can easily put it on over the carrier, so you and baby are sharing a coat. When you are in and out of buildings with a sleeping baby the baby wearing coat makes it easy to adjust the temperature for both of you. You’ll never be trapped in your coat again!

I also loved having pockets for my hands in front of the baby. It was like I was giving him a hug, but my hands were nice and warm. I was also able to nurse in the coat, with some practice. The only disadvantage of this coat is that if you are not wearing baby you look silly sporting this coat. So you’ll always need two coats if you plan to toggle this on and off. I typically wear this under my regular coat for maximum warmth so the look is not an issue.


 The Extendher

Club Member Elizabeth, and a dear friend of mine, is the mom of two little girls and recently purchased an Extendher maternity and baby wearing jacket. As for liking it she is on the fence. “The biggest pro is that it is universal and can be attached to the zipper of any jacket.” She loved that anyone could use it and it could be easily moved between coats. It is quick to put on, once you get the hang of it. You have two options for material weight and an optional hood for baby. The con however is the size. It ran very large and Elizabeth found it wasn’t very snug around her or the baby. “I can adjust that a bit by wearing a smaller jacket, and obviously it allows for a growing baby, but I just found it less than ideal.” The length was also an issue, if you leave room for baby’s head “there is kind of a tail hanging down. You can clip it up underneath, but it’s just kinda awkward.” At the end of the day Elizabeth said “I’m happy with it and it does the job.”


ErgoBaby Winter Weather Cover 

The ErgoBaby winter weather cover snaps right onto the Ergo Carrier. It looks confusing but once you put it on once it is a breeze. This is a great option since it adds a coat to baby without having to remove them from the carrier. The winter weather cover is not as warm as a coat though. It is perfect for protecting the baby from snow or rain, but I still always bundle the baby underneath. I would equate this option to having a blanket wrapped around baby.


ErgoBaby Rain Cover 

The ErgoBaby rain cover snaps right onto the carrier just like the winter weather cover. I love how easy it is to snap the cover on and off. This is perfect when the weather isn’t great but it’s not cold. The rain cover is lightweight so I didn’t worry about baby overheating when all tucked in.


Chew Pads

Your little one is bound to chew and drool on your carrier. A Drool and Teething Pad makes it easy to clean between uses and keeps your carrier looking new. There are plenty of options, but we love ones that are made of absorbent organic cotton. I tend to prefer two teething pads for my carrier rather than one that goes across the front.


Reach Straps 

Carrier reach straps help you reach the hood when it is hanging down in the back. If you baby wear frequently on your own these make putting the hood up much easier. They also look adorable and can be made with any fabric or theme you want.


Pacifier Clips 

Pacifier clips can be a great way to keep your child’s pacifier close at hand while baby wearing. We also use them to attach small teething toys, like our favorite Comotomo teether, or even small cloth books.


Grasping  Toys

Some toys like Haba’s clutching toys or Haba rattle come with a strap and are perfect for some play time in the carrier. The Chewbeads stroller toys clip right onto a strap.




Chewbead necklaces are a great way to look cute and keep baby entertained. Mama & Little makes some unique pieces that are sure to please. We love the variety of colors in the Chewbead collection. Babies love to chew and play with these and they hang at the perfect height to use in the carrier. If you want something more natural, The Rainbow Bear, has a line of wooden teething necklaces that are stylish.


 Diaper Bag

It can be hard to find the perfect diaper bag for baby wearing. When you have a baby on your front a diaper bag that turns into a backpack is the most highly recommended product by the group. The JuJu Be “Be Right Back” backpack diaper bag is slim but has lots of room. It can be worn on the front or back while baby carrying. Another favorite is the HapTam diaper bag, with lots of options and a sleek look.

Suse’s Kinder is a fanny pack diaper bag that pairs well with any baby wearing options. You can pack a lot into this little bag.


Approved Carry-On Shirt

Approved Carry-On Baby Bodysuit
How sweet will your little one look in the Bébé Voyage “approved carry-on” onesie as you carry them onto the plane in your awesome baby carrier. A little humor always sets the perfect tone for a trip.


We hope all of these can make your baby wearing on the go a little bit easier. As always please share your baby wearing favorites with us in the club or on Instagram.


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