Baby Friendly Beaches Around the World

Photo of Playa Norte by Brodi Cole

Finding baby friendly beaches can be a real conundrum, especially if you plan to travel far from home. Thankfully, our Club Bébé Voyage parents have you covered with their shallow beach recommendations. From Hawaii to Cyprus, here are 5 baby friendly beaches from around the world.

*Please note that water and weather conditions for a given beach may change throughout the year or during a given day. Be sure to look into the beach you’re visiting the day of for current weather conditions, water elevation, water temperature, high winds, tide, etc. to ensure a safe trip for you and bébé.

Photo of Baby Beach by Amanda Aubrey

Baby Beach in Maui

Parents looking at Hawaii as their next vacation destination will be happy to hear about Baby Beach in Maui. Club Bébé Voyage member Amanda Aubrey recommends this spot for its shallow waters, noting that it’s a great way to show the kids some sea turtles. The reef near the shore also offers some protection from the waves, allowing your toddler to splash and play in the sand before dozing off in the shade behind the beach, which is framed by beautiful forest.







Photo of Skaket Beach by Rebecca Payne

Skaket Beach

Skaket Beach in Orleans, MA, may not be your first thought when you think of a baby friendly beach, but this destination ticks all the boxes. Club Bébé Voyage member Rebecca Payne recommends this spot as being her favorite baby friendly beach along the bay side of Cape Cod. These calm, clear, and shallow waters will make exploring the beach with bébé a breeze. Parents who want to bike with their kids in tow will be happy to hear that Skaket Beach holds bike racks, along with other helpful amenities like restrooms and picnic tables.


Photo of Playa Norte by Brodi Cole

Playa Norte

Skipping down from the U.S. and into Mexico, Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres is a gorgeous, baby friendly beach that will impress the whole family. Those who aren’t fans of swimming with seaweed will be happy to know that there is no sargassum seaweed within Playa Norte’s waters. Yacht and boat trips are also available for those looking for a trip on the water. Brodi Cole, family travel blogger at ‘Our Offbeat Life’ and Club Bébé Voyage member, recommends this beach for its perfect weather. Those interested in learning more about this beautiful beach can read her blog post here.




Photo of Kavouri Beach by Rachel Upshaw

Kavouri Beach

Our trip of baby friendly beaches takes us just outside Athens, Greece, to the stunning views of Kavouri Beach. Club Bébé Voyage member Rachel Upshaw recommends this shallow beach for its beautiful vistas and shaded playground. There is plenty of space for toddlers to run around, along with cafés and restaurants to feed the whole family. By the end of the day, the little ones will be tuckered out enough to sleep soundly.


Mackenzie Beach

We land lastly in Larnaca, Cyprus, to visit Mackenzie Beach. Club Bébé Voyage member, Niki Poveromo, recommends this spot for its shallow, calm, crystal clear waters. The beach’s proximity to the airport allows you to watch the planes come and go, a fun activity for toddlers. This family friendly beach also has a variety of cafés and restaurants, helping parents with picky eaters. Additionally, please be aware that Mackenzie Beach has a club scene at night. Best to shuffle the little ones to dinner and bed before then!


For curious parents who want to learn more about traveling with bébé around the world, our Destination Guides and Itineraries have recently been updated, containing helpful info for navigating your vacation with the whole family.

Have you visited any of these beaches before? Let us know in the comments. Happy traveling!


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