Must-Have Items For Your Baby Registry

Gearing up for the arrival of a newborn can seem like a daunting task, which is why Bébé Voyage has put together this baby registry of vetted, must-have products. Designed with traveling families in mind from selected brand partners, these are some of best baby products for the new year to make parenting just a little bit easier. 

Each of these products has been highly recommended by our community members. These baby registry items are great to use at home, and when the time is right, perfect for travel. Our Club Bébé Voyage members are always searching for high quality yet versatile products. We’re happy to pass on their wisdom to you.  

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Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely is a maternity and nursing brand that makes it easy for mothers to find functional, stylish, and comfortable clothing. Their variety of clothes are also well-suited for the traveling parent, making packing for your next trip a breeze! Their
Hands-Free Pumping bra is perfect for the traveling mom as it is an all-in-one bra that allows postpartum mamas to nurse and pump at the same time. Saving time with no wardrobe changes, this is a must-have item for the baby registry! They also have the Janes Maternity & Nursing Pajamas which are a comfortable and versatile set that is perfect for discreet nursing with a removable panel to feed your baby at home or on the go.


The Snooze Shade should be on every baby registry in 2021. Protecting your little one from the sun while they sleep comfortably, it is a great product for new parents. SnoozeShade

Every baby registry should include a product that protects your little one from the harmful effects of the sun. The SnoozeShade is the mom-invented, best-selling brand of baby sleep aids and sunshades that help families around the world travel whilst your little one naps safely shaded. British mom, Cara, invented the SnoozeShade Original for prams and strollers back in 2010. Since then she has introduced additional products to help families with babies and toddlers enjoy life, whilst their little ones get the sleep they need on-the-go. With versions for strollers, infant car seats, pack’n’plays, and even travel cots – SnoozeShade has you covered. SnoozeShade has won over 70 awards and is recommended by baby sleep experts worldwide. It really does make traveling as a family easier!


Moms on Call made the Bébé Voyage baby registry and is a great resource for busy parents!

Moms on Call

Moms on Call is a collection of proven, sensible parenting resources featuring easy-to-follow advice to help parents everywhere navigate the first four years with confidence. It allows parents to trade their unending internet searches for trusted wisdom from pediatric nurses (who are moms first)! 

Their online courses, books, apps, consultant network, swaddle blankets, and other products are designed to work together and meet you exactly where you are in your parenting journey, making this a service that should be topping everyone’s baby registry list in 2021!

Over 95% of babies following the Moms on Call methods are sleeping through the night by 12 weeks of age. Our courses provide tips and encouragement for all feeding situations and by simplifying the basics families can focus on the fun stuff! Moms on Call knows that moms and dads who are confident that their babies will be able to sleep, feed, and laugh are free to love even more of their parenting adventure. 



The Easy Swaddle is here! Take the guesswork out of swaddling. The soft and stretchy Swaddelini is kick-proof, goes on and off like a sock, and uses light compression Hug Technology®, which gives the sensation of a hug all night long while still allowing your baby freedom of motion. Babies can move their arms and hands but they cannot scratch their faces in the Swaddelini. They can also knead your breast when feeding but they cannot scratch you! Rest assured as well, that when you put your baby to bed in the Swaddelini, your baby wakes up in the Swaddelini. They cannot kick or wiggle their way out.

The Swadellini makes sleeping and changing diapers a breeze! A must have item for your baby registry!

The Swaddelini was tested and certified at a world-class accredited laboratory for both design hazards and suffocation hazards, so new parents can be assured that adding this to their baby registry will keep their little ones safe. 

This product is 3D knit made from soft fibers sourced in the USA. It is able to stretch in all directions with no closure systems. Say goodbye to wrapping, zippers, velcro, and snaps! In addition, the bottom flap allows for easy access to pull arms through side tubes and helps you change the diaper in the middle of the night without having to take the swaddle on and off. 

$1 of every swaddle goes to the American SIDS Foundation 


Alhambra Lifestyle

Alhambra Lifestyle. Enjoy the true and unique power of nature for your skin! The Best of the Best! Discover the proven power of time-tested, fresh natural skincare products, each from a single pure super-ingredient! Find clean beauty from millennia of ancient Moroccan secrets, delivered straight to your door for you and your family!


Guava Family Lotus Crib is a great baby registry item!Guava Family

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib. Easier for you while traveling and more comfortable sleep for them.  The side zipper unlocks the side door to help you create a better connection whilst your little one falls asleep. The sturdy frame is designed to withstand toddlers’ play and turns the Lotus Travel Crib into the perfect Ready-for-Play pen. The comfy mattress is insulated, waterproof, and made out of high-quality padding for more comfort and protection. The Lotus Travel Crib includes a compact, airport-friendly, and durable backpack carry bag.


A great product for the baby registry, The Pib is a must have baby item!The Pib

The Pib. It started out as the “pant bib”, but it has evolved into so much more. The snap closures make it impossible for your child to take it off and the notch and “crotch” protector make a high chair, car seat, and stroller use possible without compromising the functionality or protection that this bib offers. Get excited mommies and daddies, the mess has met its match!


The Bébé Voyage baby registry includes this great Vtech baby monitorVTech

VTech Digital video Monitor with Remote Access and 2 Cameras 5″ – RM5764-2HD. Free live remote access via Smartphone and tablet (download the free MyVTech Baby 1080p app), the VTech baby monitor RM5764-2HD has a 1080p, full HD video quality with color LCD screen, including a 360-degree pan, tilt, and zoom on the camera! Parents rave about the clear picture and quality of the automatic infrared night vision. Soothing sounds and lullabies with five calming melodies and four soft ambient sounds, including a trickling stream and white noise. It also includes a local or remote two-way talk enabling you to soothe your baby without having to be in the room. 



The Freeze It Flat™ is a revolutionary, new patent-pending product, designed BY a pumping mom FOR pumping moms allowing you to save 30-40% more space in your freezer. The product is designed and sold by MAMMaway LLC.  MAMMaway provides pumping solutions for when the MAMMaries have to be AWAY. MAMMaway aims to help parents gain confidence and learn the tools to efficiently manage breastmilk. 

Freeze It Flat ™ is easy to use with only a few steps to follow: 

  • PUMP Pump liquid gold into the desired bag. Any breast milk bag will do. 
  • FREEZE Insert bag(s) into Freeze It Flat ™ and stick in the freezer. Works in any orientation. 
  • STASH Once frozen, remove bags from Freeze It Flat ™. Add to the freezer stash. 
  • REPEAT Repeat for a few weeks or a few years until you are done pumping. 


Dock A Tot

The DockaTot is one of those products that is tried and true by parents all over the world and is a must-have for your baby registry. The Deluxe+ Dock from DockATot is the ultimate docking station for your newborn baby up to 8 months. This multifunctional design offers a comfy spot for diaper changes, tummy time, lounging, playing, cuddling, and supervised napping. Suitable for babies 0-8 months, and is easy to transport with 2 carry handles and lightweight.


Happy Baby Carrier

The Happy Baby original baby carrier is both beautiful and fashionable. Made from lightweight material that will help keep you and your baby cool in even the hottest climates this is a must-have for your baby registry list. It supports newborns from 7lbs up to 45lb toddlers! It can also be comfortably worn by moms who have just had cesarean sections and can fold down easily for packing on trips.



With an array of different styles and materials, Líllébaby is sure to have a carrier for you. With it’s ergonomic design and stylish colors and patterns it has made quite the splash in the baby carrying world. Get yours today here

Tula Explore


This 6-in-1 carrier is one of the most versatile baby carriers on the market. Started by two parents who recognized the need for a light-weight, yet comfortable carrier that would help get families back to adventuring the moment their little bundle of joy was born. The Explore baby carrier is just what the jet-setting family needs! Find yours here.

REMI by Urban Hello


 With two options to choose from, REMI is your child’s designated sleep buddy. For the youngest in the crew, choose the baby monitor option that has everything from a display face teaching them when its ok to wake up to bedtime stories at night. As your child gets older, the alarm clock will help them stay asleep and uses an app on your phone to help you monitor their bedtime routine. Click here to find out more. 



The Haakaa breast pump is an affordable and stress-free option to make pumping on the go a breeze. A silicone pump uses suction to do most of the work as you go about your day. An innovative design that is perfect for the modern day mom!



This portable and electric breast pump from Spectra, allows even the busiest moms to find time to pump their liquid gold. Weighing in at only 3lbs and a charge life of 3 hours means there is no need to stress about packing it whether you are headed out on a day trip or a week long family excursion. A bonus to the spectra is that they also have online lactation consultants if you have any questions or are having difficulty breast feeding. 

Baby Brezza

Why should parents have all the fun? Instantly make your baby’s bottle without ever getting up! The formula pro baby machine is wifi enabled and has all the benefits of previous models. You no longer have to worry about stumbling down in the middle of the night and measuring out formula while trying to soothe a hungry baby. This machine is the life saver that you never knew you needed! 

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer


The Easy-Warm Bottle and Food Warmer, will have breastmilk, formula and baby food ready in minutes without overheating. Its gentle warming feature, will help retain essential nutrients and keep baby’s food warm once heated. The Easy-Warm comes with two temperature settings, warm from fridge or warm from room temperature plus a keep warm feature. Its compact size makes it the perfect companion for any trip.

OXO Formula Dispenser


Perfect for parents and babies on the go, the OXO Formula dispenser is compact and super easy to use. Each of the three compartments hold enough formula powder for a 9-oz bottle. All you have to do is turn the cap until it fits on the right compartment and lift the cap. So simple, it can even be done one handed. 



Who said mealtime have to be messy? The roll up bib from OXO  is perfect to catch all those stray crumbs and protect from water spills and food splatters to help keep those baby clothes clean during a meal at home, a day out or a longer trip.   for parents on the go, just roll the bib into its silicone pocket and hook it close. To clean, simple wipe it down or put in the washing machine.

Summer Infant Highchair/Booster Seat


The Summer™ Pop ‘n Sit® SE Booster is what every parent need when it comes to booster seats. Perfect as an highchair in a restaurant, a floor seat at home or a picnic chair at the park or beach. This really does it all. The removable tray is easy to clean and makes the transition from mealtime to playtime incredibly easy. Its compact nature, pop and fold design and carry bag make it the perfect companion for any trip. 

Bugaboo Ant

Ant Landingpage 03 680x680

The Bugaboo Ant is a versatile and compact stroller designed to grow with your family. Its lightweight frame  makes it the perfect companion for any trip.

  • The reversible seat lets your child face you or the world in one easy switch.
  • Ultra compact fold.
  • The height-adjustable seat makes it for a smooth transition from newborn to toddler. 
  • Easy to drive


Zoe Tour+


The LUXE Tour+ is the ultimate lightweight stroller for on the go parents. The lightweight frame makes it the perfect stroller for airline and car travel. It also comes in six different colours! 

Bloom Coco 3-in-1


This Coco 3-in-1 bouncer, lounger and fixed upright seat is all you will ever need for your baby to be entertained, nap or being soothed. Not only you are able to adjust the seating to three different positions, it also features a two-speed vibration unit and a travel bag. This folding flat, lightweight bouncer is the perfect companion for any trip.

Mina Baie


Let’s face it, it will be a long time before we will be able to ditch the diaper bag for a normal handbag. So why not opt for a stylish but functional companion, perfect for any outing? 

The Mina Baie is the perfect solution. The tote is big enough to hold all baby and mammy essentials. It also transform into a crossbody or backpack with ease, for those hands free emergencies.

Sophie The Giraffe


We all love Sophie the Giraffe and with over 60 years of experience, it is the perfect teether for all teething babies.

Sophie, is super lights and easy to hold for baby, with its dark spots  it becomes easily recognisable and familiar.

The squeaker is guaranteed to keep baby entertained for a little while and helps stimulate his hearing.

Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint so is perfectly safe for baby to chew on.

Frida Saline Solution


We all know that a stuffy nose makes for a grumpy baby. The NoseFrida Saline Snot Spray is the natural solution you need! Made of only two simple ingredients: sea-salt and water, this pocket size solution helps moisturising the nasal passages and keep your kiddo’s nose snot free!

Noleo: 3-in-1 Diaper Care


Diaper Care Subscription Service.  Over 90% of wipes contain plastic, not to mention they are likely to end up in our ocean. NOLEO helps reduce the number of products needed to clean baby and the cotton pad is 100% biodegradable! We believe a healthy baby who lives in a healthy world to be the greatest mission we can embark on. As we continue to grow, we’ll make significant strides to improve our footprint.

Elvie Double Pump


Perfect for pumping on the go, the Elvie Double Pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms. 

No tubes to be washed, small, wearable and lightweight this smart pump is hassle free from set up to clean up. The Elvie Double Pump also makes it easier to track milk volume, piping history and it will also allow you to control the pumping remotely. The pump is also incredibly responsive and will automatically switch from stimulation to expression and will stop automatically once the bottle is full.

A must have for any breastfeeding parent.

Lulla doll


The Lulla Doll is the revolutionary soother and sleep companion for premies, babies and toddlers.

Its soft textures and soothing sounds to recreate real life breathing and heartbeat provide babies with closeness and comfort to help them sleep.

Lulla Doll is washing machine washable and comes with two AA batteries to provide 12 hours of comfort.

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