BCOZZY Neck Pillows: Perfect for The Whole Family


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Before joining the travel industry, I assumed that a neck pillow was a neck pillow and any two were likely the same. Oh, I was wrong! Having umpteen flights and car trips with two kids under my belt now, sleeping comfortably on-the-go still remains one of our biggest challenges. I’ll never forget the 7 hour flight from Germany to the US where I was holding a baby in a middle aisle seat with nowhere to lay my head. I’ll also never forget the 17 hour drive from Texas to Indiana where our toddler screamed more than he was content. These are exactly the situations I will be prepared for next time now that I’ve found the BCOZZY neck pillows!




My kids often fall asleep only to be rudely awakened with a sore neck from their heads slumping forward. We’ve triple-checked their car seats for safe installation, packed blankets to take on planes, yet their heads and ours still fall forward as we’re dozing off. With extremely high ratings on Amazon, there’s so many reasons people are loving the BCOZZY pillows for travel. Perfect for use whether you’re traveling by air, car, bus, or train, here’s what I loved after trying these neck pillows:

  • Whereas most travel pillows are a horseshoe or “U” shape, these wrap all the way under the neck to support the chin.
  • You can adapt the shape to whatever is most comfortable for you.
  • They seem perfectly safe for my toddlers as there’s no way to get caught in them.
  • They don’t have that ‘beanbag’ filling.
  • They’re incredibly lightweight and have a strap to connect them to luggage. No more dropping items dashing through the airport! We can connect our pillows to each of our individual luggage.
  • You can order a size specifically for adults and another for your children.
  • The pillows are machine washable! This is a MUST for kids. (The cheap airport store neck pillows would most definitely fall apart in the machine.)
  • The pillows we received are unisex and two-tone, pink on one side and blue on the other, sure to please everyone.


I was most excited to try the kids neck pillows out with my boys in the car (under close watch of course)! My 3.5 year old has a really hard time falling asleep and an even harder time staying asleep in the car once his neck starts to drop and roll around. We are often driving to the airport early in the morning or late at night as we book flights during nap and sleep times. Also, living in the Midwest, we do quite a lot of long car trips to visit family and friends that live on the East coast (7 hours with minimal stopping).

In addition to the child size neck pillow, BCOZZY has a kids car travel pillow with side-to-side pockets in fun, whimsical “monster” styles. My oldest is really into monsters right now, so this was a huge hit! It made the car ride way more fun, and the boys were giggling just playing with it at home before we had even left. They instinctively tucked their hands into the side pockets and laid their head on the pillow. This wedge-shaped pillow works perfectly for when you’re seated next to the car door or the window seat on the airplane; you need a cushion like this between you and the hard surface next to you.

I would not be comfortable using the child neck pillow on a rear-facing toddler, but we tried it on him anyway. In situations where we were watching him closely, like on an airplane or train, I would be totally fine with it if he were to want to use it.




As a busy mom with constantly full hands, I was pretty much thrilled the BCOZZY attached to my hand luggage! I put mine on my rolling carry-on and the kids on the Trunki and we headed out. I can’t wait to take these pillow on our next long-haul flight to Europe. I rarely get to rest these days, especially on travel days! But I feel confident I’ll be much more relaxed, and might even sneak a true nap in, on our next flight with the BCOZZY pillow.



I’d love to see more pattern and print options in the future in addition to the solid colors, but for now, these are the perfect staple pillows for any traveling family. You can check them out for yourself and purchase some for your family on Amazon. Here’s the link to the adult size and the kids size. Let us know what you think of them too.


Bébé Voyage received BCOZZY neck pillows in exchange for writing this review. This post contains affiliate links. When a purchase is made through a link, Bébé Voyage receives a small payment at no cost to you. As always, all opinions are our own. 


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