Best Sydney Australia Beaches for Family Trips

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There are tons of Sydney Australia beaches for outdoor fun with many coastal walks, ocean activities and al fresco dining, all catering to the brilliant weather. Most people recommend visiting sometime during the months of March through May or September through November to avoid the high tourist season. These months skirt the high and low seasons and offer comfortable temperatures. In this post, I am going to share with you several Sydney Australia beaches I personally love for family trips: Little Bay Beach Sydney, North Curl Curl, Jervis Bay, etc.

Little Bay Beach in Sydney Australia

Little Bay Beach Sydney

Little Bay Beach Sydney is the first of the Sydney Australia beaches I want to share with you. It is a great and safe place for swimming and snorkeling (kid-friendly). The water is super clean, therefore kids can see the sea creatures in the shallow water clearly. If you are interested in catching sea urchins, you can get a fishing license ($7) online.

Here are a few tips for catching sea urchins. You need to walk on the rocks which might be slippery, so be careful! It is easier for you to catch urchins during low tide. Don’t forget to check the time before you go there.

North Curl Curl 

North Curl Curl is a favorite of the Sydney Australia Beaches

The second of the Sydney Australia beaches I would recommend is North Curl Curl. It is located in northern Sydney. The name Curl Curl means “river of life” in the aboriginal language. The name of this Sydney Australia beach is cute and romantic. There is a lagoon on the north side of the beach. It’s quite safe and family-friendly for kids to have fun, play in the sand, or discover sea creatures. Also, if your kids love swimming, the ocean swimming pool located at the south end of the beach is a great place. Ensure your kids stay in the safe area between the flags.

Another thing I highly recommend is the “Don’t Jump Rock”. That’s a great place for taking family pictures. I suggest you go there at sunset so that you can enjoy the gentle sea breeze and fabulous sunset view. North Curl Curl is a must among Sydney Australia beaches… for me at least!

Jervis Bay


Jervis Bay is one of the most famous Sydney Australia beaches for watching dolphins and whales. There are several marine parks around Jervis Bay for you and your kids to see various kinds of wild species, such as bottlenose dolphins, seals, and penguins. I recommend taking a dolphin/whale-watching cruise. Here is the link to book a cruise based on your schedule. From May to November is the best time to watch whales, since they are migrating during these months.

The St George Lighthouse is a great place for watching whales. The pure and powdery white sands are also well-known. You can lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. The kids can build sand castles. The coastline there is around 100 kilometers. Strolling along the coastline there will be a memorable experience.

There are other fabulous and hidden gems in  Sydney Australia beaches, like Little Bay Beach Sydney.  Coogee Beach Walk, a 10km walk from Bondi to Coogee, has beautiful scenery throughout. It’s best to navigate with a baby carrier as there are stairs along the way. There are stops for coffee and food as well. Also, Balmoral Beach is also recommended. It has a playground, a long stroller-friendly promenade, plenty of cafés, and calm waters to swim in.

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