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Budapest – the capital of Hungary – is an amazing and diverse city in central Europe but it’s often underrated. I live here with my family and since we welcomed our daughter back in 2020, we have visited 50+ places just in Budapest. If you’re considering traveling to Budapest with kids we’ve got you covered! Let me show you around and share a few insider tips on things to do in Budapest!
(Also I share with you the map indicating all the places I mention in the article! )


Breakfast in Budapest with Kids

No family sightseeing starts without a hearty breakfast. Full tummy = full joy! Our top picks would be one of these:

  • Greenhabit – A newly opened, spacious, and very healthy (but delicious) brekkie-brunch place. (IG:
  • Artizán – They are an all-in-one place for breakfast, a bit of brunch, bakery & afternoon coffee place, but their cardamom roll will do magic with all of you! (IG: @artizanbudapest)
  • Freyja – Their world-famous croissants will blow your mind away. (IG: @ freyja_thecroissantstory)

Best Things to do in Budapest 

Although there are tons of family (& baby-) friendly places/activities in the city, while in Budapest with kids, I recommend you spend an entire day in the city park! It’s a multipurpose spacious, green & recreational area, ideal for families.

Fun things to do in Budapest

Museum in Budapest with kids.

Lunch in Budapest with Kids

I share with you 3 different cuisine options all situated in the city center:

  • Retro Lángos – Lángos is a true Hungarian treat, not so diet compatible, but super delicious (IG: @retrolangosbudapest)
  • Két szerecsen – Super cozy, classic coffee house vibes with flavorful dishes. (IG: @ket_szerecsen)
  • Robinson – Not only the food is incredible but overlooking the lake at Vajdahunyad Castle in the city park is just an amazing touch to a nice family lunch.


Hidden Gems

What makes a sightseeing tour fun? Especially when kids are around. Conventional tour buses are okay, but I rather try to find alternative ways to explore a city, interesting enough to the young little ones. The best alternative to do in Budapest is a cool treasure hunt by searching for Kolodko’s mini sculptures. You can find 30+ mini metal sculptures (15-30 cm) in various spots in Budapest. Most of them are very cute and lovable for children. With hunting them down you get an amazing sightseeing tour of the city center on foot as well. You can read about a whole itinerary in this blog article.


Another not-so-hidden, but resourceful way of sightseeing on trams. One of Budapest’s iconic views is the panorama along the river Danube. Use tram ‘2’ on the Pest side, or tram ‘41’ on the Buda side which will serve you as a perfect sightseeing route spotting the finest buildings along the river Danube. Guaranteed that little children will love the tram ride.

Fun things to in Budapest with kids

Chilling Time

For some slow moments you can either go to the already mentioned City park, visit one of the many thermal baths (for the best view choose Rudas Bath, for its history choose Széchenyi Bath), or opt for a river cruise on the Danube.


Dinner in Budapest with Kids

Closing the day in a cool dining place is always more than welcome. I show you my top choices for families.

  • Dzsungel Café – This restaurant is below ground level, and has different rooms with different themes like underwater, safari, etc. Kid’s heaven!
  • Bank 3 – Who doesn’t love pancakes? In main dishes? – These places offer a whole range of pancakes from savory, and salty to sweet.



Best of The Rest

I could go on for hours about what I would recommend, so let’s settle with a hearty list of fun activities to do in Budapest with kids:

  • CsoPa Science Center – To be perfectly honest, we adults still like these scientific tricks you can try out.
  • Museum of Illusions – Located in the very heart of Budapest it’s a program you can squeeze in anytime.
  • Selfie Museum – For teens taking instagrammable photos is a thing. Like it or not. This place will calm the nerves down for sure.
  • Light Art Museum of Budapest – If you are craving a unique indoor experience.


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