Christmas Markets Around The World Go Virtual For The 2020 Holiday Season!

Christmas markets go virtual in 2020

Well, it looks like we have been 2020’ed again. This time, Christmas markets around the world have taken the blow as the majority of them have decided they are unable to open safely due to the Covid19 pandemic. We really can’t seem to catch a break this year! 2020 seems to suck the joy out of everything we hold near and dear to us.

However, we do have some good news for you. Despite many holiday events being cancelled and our usual festive gatherings put on hold, there are still quite a few ways to bring joy into our homes for the holiday season. No, you won’t be able to walk around on a snowy night, sipping glühwein and admiring the handmade gifts at all the Christmas stalls that are lit up in cute little rows. BUT what if I told you that you could still enjoy the Christmas market festivities from the safety (and warmth!) of your own home?

One of the great things that this pandemic has actually brought to the world is the ability to experience travel and different cultures in a totally new way! Don’t believe me? Well, turn on some Christmas music, throw a log on the fire, and whip up a batch of some delicious glühwein after the kids are in bed. Then grab your computer and check out these virtual Christmas markets (and one ingenious drive-through one!) around the world! 


A traditional German Christmas market that is modeled after the famous Nuremberg market in Germany and has taken place in Chicago for the last 25 years. The organizers decided that instead of cancelling the market this year, they would instead take it virtual and still be able to bring the joy and appeal of the market to not just Chicago residents, but US residents all over the country! (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) Even if you live outside the US, you can still enjoy their virtual events, such their cooking demos on how to make schnitzel! They even have some fun downloadable activities for the kids that they can enjoy while you get in your retail therapy or enjoy some fun online Christmas shows. 


St. Paul Christmas Market

Virtual Christmas markets are a great way to buy unique gifts from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Like so many others, the St. Paul Christmas Market has made an online marketplace for their vendors where you can browse from the comfort of your own home. Open November 1st-December 24th this is a great opportunity to buy handmade gifts for the loved ones in your life! While it won’t be the same as strolling the stands, you can still find all your favorite items and bring a little bit of festivity to your nights! 


Denver Bazaar

Denver takes its holiday market virtual and offers its usual multitude of local vendors online. They are offering a low flat-rate domestic shipping which makes it a great way to help support small businesses while also finding some pretty unique gifts for the holiday season! They currently do not offer International shipping, but keep checking back as that might start up soon! 


Bath Christmas Market

If you are UK based, be sure to check out this great market that has also put their local wares online. From adorable holiday apparel to gifts for your furry family member, the Bath Christmas Market has pretty much everything you need for everyone in your family! 


A Canadian Christmas market that is all about supporting local and handmade gifts joins the online community this year by offering over 50 vendors and small businesses the opportunity to sell their products through this virtual market. Find the best Canadian made products and do it while all warm and cozy in your pajamas at home! 


Exeter Christmas Market

Lockdowns aren’t going to stop this popular Christmas Market from still going forward. Yes, it may be different, but it’s still possible to grab some unique gifts while supporting the local businesses that this market usually brings in. The small businesses around the community will be grateful for the extra income this holiday season! 


Christkindl Drive-In

Christmas markets around the world are coming up with ingenious ways to stay open!
Photo Credit: ChristKindl website

If you happen to live in the vicinity of Munich, then this Christmas Market is for you! Deciding to take a different approach than a virtual event, the organizer of this market instead set up a drive through Christmas market. He wanted to safely still allow customers to purchase their favorite gifts and treats that they have become accustomed to during the holiday season. Located in Landshut, the market is proving to be very popular and may just start a new trend in Christmas markets moving forward! 

Christmas Concerts

And since it wouldn’t be Christmas market shopping without some festive Christmas music. How about popping online to watch Josh Groban’s first ever virtual Christmas concert or the famous Trans-Siberian Orchestra show!? Check out these other great virtual Christmas concerts also that are being streamed from all over the world!

Who says you can’t travel this year!? In fact, this might be the easiest year yet to explore the world and grab some local holiday souvenirs in the process! We love that so many Christmas markets have found a way to keep the holiday spirit alive and support local business owners while keeping their customers safe. Although its not what we were hoping for, it will make next year’s Christmas markets all that more special! 

Before you finish up your holiday shopping, be sure to check your area as well to see if they are offering virtual Christmas markets. This is a small list of some of the larger ones, but many other cities and towns will be offering similar markets!


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