Clever Travel Companion: Theft-Proof Travel Clothing


It’s a new year, which means it’s time to reconsider your existing travel wardrobe and maybe invest in new clothing. Since we’re all busy juggling kids on our travels, maybe you would prefer to forgo lugging around a purse, wallet, or equivalent. You need to keep your valuables safe, easily accessible, and without the worry of losing anything by accident. The Clever Travel Companion invented travel clothing for us parents with an adventurous spirit who love to be on-the-go as a family. I’ve been guilty of setting down my purse before and having to run back after it, because, well… kids! They occupy so much of our brains, our thought patterns can quickly turn to mush. And as the staff at Clever Travel Companion agree, more often than not, the places you travel to have felt and been perfectly safe and everyone is warm, welcoming and incredibly friendly. Even under these circumstances, however, it’s nice to have your money, passports, ID cards and credit cards safely secured.


Some cities do hold the unfortunate reputation of being present with thieves and pickpockets who target obvious tourists and the unsuspecting bystander. Even the most experienced travelers can be caught off-guard by clever thieves or their own forgetfulness, and being a distracted parent makes some us of to be more at-risk. The Clever Travel Companion product line has expanded to include men and women’s items like: t-shirts, leggings, scarfs, hoodies, tank tops, and long johns, all with a ‘hidden’ zipper pocket to stash valuables.




I tested a tank top with double zipper pockets and leggings that house double zipper pockets as well. With athleisure styles being more popular than ever, I found it incredibly easy to incorporate these into my gym attire and sporty clothing that I pack for adventuring whilst away on trips. We like to do a lot of hiking and getting around by foot when traveling, so I am already envisioning these being mixed into my day clothes. I tried out the tank top and leggings in black, because I find dark solids to be more flattering and easy to incorporate into my existing wardrobe. This may be a lack of body confidence on my end, but after having two kids, I am going to wear these as long johns (under layers) instead of actual leggings. We live in a colder climate and often travel internationally in the spring time when weather is more unpredictable too. The seasons of our travels, combined with the weight of the fabric, make them most suitable for liners in my opinion. This makes perfect sense too, as the stash pockets would not be visible.




I like to fly in yoga-type clothing, because it makes getting through airport security with two kids a breeze. The Clever Travel Companion items are perfect to wear and stash ID cards and passports in so that you can travel light and not be digging anxiously through a bag at the security checkpoints. I layered my leggings under another pair of athletic pants for out-of-the-house wear and used the tank top as a camisole underneath my Bebe Voyage logo tee. I felt cute and comfy. The clothing is teeshirt material, both soft and stretchy. If there’s one thing I could change, I would love the yoga pants to have a high-waisted option and to incorporate more elastic into the waist or make them a spandex material. At 5’9, I have a really long inseam and my hips sit wide & high, so this is perhaps a personal problem as I always have a hard time shopping for pants.


Here are some of my favorite and most practical choices from Clever Travel Companion:


Scarf with 2 Hidden Zipper Pockets

Clever Travel companion scarf with hidden pocket

Unisex Striped Long Johns


Unisex Hoodie with 4 Pockets

V-Neck T-Shirt with 2 Pockets

Clever Travel companion v neck tshirt

Try some out and let us know what you think! It’s an easy way to layer up, stay warm, and keep your ID cards, credit cards, passports, money and other documents safe on your next family trip.


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