A Day in the Life of a Mom in Washington DC


day in the life of a mom in washington dc

Hello! My name is Stacy and I’m happy to share a bit about myself and give a glimpse into a “typical” Saturday out and about!

My husband and I live in Arlington, VA, which is just outside of Washington, DC. We moved to this area from Michigan almost 13 years ago and love everything the Northern VA/DC metro area has to offer – culture, natural beauty, history, etc. – and there is always something to do with kids of any age!

We have two beautiful girls, A (age 3.75) and L (9 months). Both are great travelers and love our weekend adventures.

I am an energy and transportation consultant and my husband works for the U.S. Senate. We love to travel (with and without children), watch and participate in sports and other activities, and just generally get out and enjoy what’s around us.

I’ll start by saying there really is no such thing as a “typical” Saturday for us. Short of reccuring classes/activities, like swim lessons, we’re usually filling our weekends with activities of all kinds. Late in the week, if we know we have a Saturday or Sunday free of plans, we usually do a bit of Internet research to check for any local events that might be fun to experience with the kids. We consider the weather and any other events we already have lined up for the day. is a great resource, one of our go-tos. We try to have a general plan worked out by Friday night so we know how to approach the next morning. Sometimes, we’ll join up with other friends and their kids, but we often do our own thing so we can operate on our own timeline.


8AM: Everyone is up and moving!

A is eating breakfast in her pajamas, enjoying yogurt, cereal, and fruit.

L has nursed and plays in her highchair for a bit before getting her breakfast of pureed fruit, a little yogurt, and oatmeal.

While the kids are eating, Dad grabs a shower and Mom inhales a few bites of breakfast, then we trade. Whoever has a free set of hands packs up the diaper bag (backpack), snacks for later in the day, plus a few things for lunch.

Eventually, all four of us are dressed and ready for the day!

MORNING OUTING – The Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center

Today, the Kennedy Center is hosting a family-friendly Chinese New Year celebration! It’s scheduled to start at 10:30am, so we want to arrive right around that time, if not a few minutes before. Factoring in the drive across the river and parking in a garage nearby, we leave our house about 30 minutes before we want to get there. And it’s a good thing we went early! The event is packed, but we were able to get in without a wait, visit all the stations, and enjoy the celebration! Paper lanterns, names written in Chinese characters, performances, coloring, and hands-on musical demonstrations. A was happy to roam around and sample while L was tucked into the Ergo (a great choice since strollers weren’t allowed inside the main event space).

To recap…

10AM: Leave the house in Arlington

10:20AM: Parked and heading into the Kennedy Center

10:35AM: Arrive at the Kennedy Center shortly after the doors open

year of the rooster
Celebrating the Year of the Rooster!
chinese characters
Both girls’ names in Chinese characters
making lanterns
Making Chinese lanterns!

making chinese lanterns

11:30AM: L needs to nurse, so Dad takes A outside on the Kennedy Center terrace. It provides a great view of DC and the Potomac River, and lots of room to run, even in the chilly temps! Once L is done eating, she takes a little nap, so we hand her off and Mom joins A outside for a jog all the way around the terrace, with a selfie or two along the way 😉

LUNCH – Local Taco Joint

1PM: We planned ahead and packed a few things A could eat if we stopped for lunch, giving us some flexibility. We decide to hit a local taco place back in Arlington, District Taco (multiple locations in DC and VA), which is fast and very family-friendly. Rice, beans, chips, and guacamole for A – some of her favorites! L enjoys some of the baby food and puffs we stashed away for her before leaving the house…and a few tastes of guac!

AFTERNOON – Birthday Party

2PM: A is down for a nap shortly after arriving home, while Mom and Dad play with L and get a few things done around the house.

3:15PM: Wake up A, which we usually don’t do, but it is sometimes necessary if we have to get somewhere by a certain time.

4PM: Arrive at A’s classmate’s 4th birthday party at a local indoor gym. The celebration includes pizza and other food for the kids, so dinner for A is covered.

5:30PM: Leave the party (reluctantly, in A’s case) and head home.

DINNER – EVENING – Wind down

6:30PM: A is into the bath and moving through the bedtime routine – pajamas on, teeth brushed, potty stop, read books, sing a few songs, say goodnight.

When both Mom and Dad are available (which is the norm on a Saturday night), we divide and conquer – one taking A and the other getting L into PJs and ready for bed.

7:30PM: L settles in for one last nursing session before falling asleep in her crib.

8PM: Both A and L are both DONE after a busy day! Now Mom and Dad can make dinner and enjoy a quiet evening at home.

For more of Stacy’s tips on Washington DC with a baby, check out the Washington DC Guide. 


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