A Day in the Life of an outdoor-loving family from Colorado Springs


Hello from beautiful Colorado!  My name is Michaela and I live in Colorado Springs with my husband and two young boys.  I am lucky to be a stay at home mom to 3 and 5 year old very active and energetic boys.

We love to be active and outside as much as possible.  Today it is early November and true to Colorado the sun is out and the high is close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit but we are expecting snow so we  filled our day to the brim to enjoy the outdoors before the snow.

5 AM

My boys are early risers and especially so since Daylight Savings Time.  The kids eat cold cereal, fruit or yogurt for breakfast and see Daddy off to work.  around 7AM the kids get dressed and have some “quiet” play time which is rarely quiet but a good time for them to experiment with boundaries and enjoy their toys.

8 AM

By 8 we have to get out of the house to run off some energy. Colorado Springs is a city with a small downtown and extensive sprawling  suburb type developments.  We live at 7000 feet at the feet of the Rocky Mountains.  Between the hills and the spread out nature of the city, car travel is most often how we get from A to B unless we are staying in the neighborhood.  On this day we drove over to check out the visitor center at Garden of the Gods.  The visitor center is free and provides a very interactive way to explore the history and animals of Garden of the Gods .  The kids did a scavenger hunt to explore the museum more fully.

9:30 AM

We moved on to explore the park and engage in some free play and hiking.  On this day we picked one formation and climbed around and played for about an hour. We then grab lunch and ran some errands.  It was chilly but not cold so the kids wore their ponchos which keep them warm but are easy on and off.


12:30 PM

Home again for some quiet time. After quiet time we ran to the library to check out some new books and play.

3:30 PM

Finally a quick run to a neighborhood park to enjoy the last bit of dry weather.  It was colder at the park so we had to grab our jackets that stay in the car after October.


4:30 PM

Finally we headed  home to fix dinner and meet Daddy after work.  The kids love spending time with Daddy at the end of the day and having family dinner.

6:00 PM

Kids start to get ready for bed and lights out by 6:30 or 7.  The early risers are exhausted early and will sleep all night!


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