Detroit: 5 low key activities to discover Motor City!


Growing up in Michigan it is easy to become blind to all it has to offer.  However, returning in full tourist mode has given me a newfound love for the Motor City, and maybe even made me a little homesick.  There are some classic adventures that I am now too old for, like skipping into Canada at 19, but as a family of four, there are plenty of new and old things to do when visiting Detroit! So, here are the five low-key, easy things to do in Detroit.


Eat Coney Dogs

Yup, Coney dogs and Chili Fries are pretty much a must-do.  If you go into downtown Detroit you can take part in the epic debate between American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island.  They are literally right next to each other and I am pretty sure families spend holiday dinners debating which is the King of Coney dogs.  Do not choose wrong.

Explored Urban Gardens

A more recent feature of downtown Detroit is the use of urban space to create accessible green space and places to hang out with your family.  Campus Martius is a year-round favorite with Ice skating in the winter, festivals, and live music throughout the summer.  A visit to the riverwalk will also introduce you to some great water features and a carousel ride with the view of Windsor.  However, simply walking through downtown Detroit you will find restaurants and other businesses that have created public spaces for picnics, playing, or just enjoying some sun.  Community Gardens are a fantastic addition to this landscape as well!

Comerica Park on a Game Day OR anytime

Whenever we go downtown, we enjoy walking over to Comerica Park.  Even if it is just to climb the Tigers out front.  However, on a game day, the park is a great place for families.  There is baseball but restaurants and activities are fun for everyone, despite their love, or lack thereof, for baseball.


One of the best “vibes” in the area will be in Greektown. While it is fun to walk, it is also home to some classic Detroit faves. You can stop into Fishbones for some Alligator Voodoo. Grabbing a very serious DEEP dish pizza (you need a knife and fork) at Pizza Papalis, is a must.  Either one will be a memorable experience, but try to go during off-peak times to avoid long waits.

Ride the People Mover

When it starts operations again, the People Mover is an easy way to get around and also a wonderful tour of some of the best architecture and art in Detroit.  Each station is unique and while you could easily walk all of downtown Detroit, taking the people mover is an experience all on its own.

Hallmark gems like The Detroit Institute of Art and Museum of African American History are always going to destinations when visiting Detroit.  However, we all know that some days we just need a more chill way to enjoy a city.  We would love to hear the Low Key hidden gems for your home, or hometown.


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