Dressing Kids for Cold Weather – Expert Tips from Club Bébé Voyage Parents

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When traveling to cold destinations with your little ones, it’s essential to dress them appropriately to stay warm and comfortable. Based on the recommendations from Club Bébé Voyage, here are some valuable insights on the best way to dress kids for cold weather.

Layering is Key

Layering is a recurring theme in the recommendations from experienced Bébé Voyage parents. One parent, LB, suggests having kids wear ski base layers under their jeans or pants, with snow bibs and hand and toe warmers for extra warmth. Another parent, SB, emphasizes the importance of going out in full snow gear, including thick layers underneath, snow bibs, winter jackets, snow boots, hats, gloves, and scarves.

Consider Thermal Undergarments

In Germany, it’s common for both boys and girls to wear “strumpfhosen,” which are essentially tights or leggings. This is recommended by LB for her 4-year-old son, highlighting their effectiveness in providing an extra layer of warmth. Thermal leggings are also a good option. Additionally, MC suggests that sweatpants alone are not enough and recommends snowsuits that go over regular clothes, especially for smaller kids.

Practical Clothing Choices

Some parents in the group recommend practical clothing choices such as double-layered pants and jeans with a flannel or fleece fabric sewn on the inside. This not only provides warmth but also adds a layer of protection against the cold. Additionally, the use of snowsuits, snow pants, and gumboots lined with fleece and wool is suggested for both warmth and water protection.

Accessories for Extremities

It’s important not to overlook the extremities. Parents in the group stress the need for warm gloves, socks, and scarves to keep kids comfortable in cold weather. One parent, LP, also recommends considering SmartWool socks or similar options to ensure the kids’ feet stay warm and dry.

Practical Tips for Outdoor Activities

For outdoor activities, layering becomes even more crucial. BBT advises layering up and bringing a backpack to carry extra clothing as they come off, especially when visiting playgrounds with sand bottoms. Additionally, use of balaclavas, neck warmers or loop scarves to keep kids warm without the hassle of adjusting hats and traditional scarves.

In conclusion, dressing kids for cold weather involves thoughtful layering, practical clothing choices, and attention to cultural norms. By following the advice shared by experienced parents in Club Bébé Voyage, you can ensure that your little ones stay warm, comfortable, and ready to enjoy the winter wonderland during your travels.

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Remember, the key to dressing kids for cold weather is to keep them warm, comfortable, and ready to enjoy the winter wonderland during your travels.


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