Earth Day Books For Kids That Will Teach Them The Importance Of Our Amazing Planet

Great Earth Day books for children

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In 1970, amidst Vietnam anti-war protests, a new, quieter battle was starting to rage. The battle for our environment. Before that time, very little thought was given to the effects of our presence on the environment. However, slowly but surely, evidence and research started to emerge that we were irreparably harming the earth and consequentially, ourselves.

A junior Senator from Wisconsin, Senator Gaylord Nelson, decided he could no longer stand idly by and watch our planet deteriorate. He is credited with the first-ever Earth Day and helped to start the movement that now sees over 1 billion people participate each year. Adults and children alike participate every year on April 22nd, through activities and learning experiences. This is a great opportunity to teach the next generation how to be kind and respectful to our planet. If your kids are still a bit too young to participate, they can still learn! Here are 5 great Earth Day books to read to kids to teach them about this amazing planet we call home. 


The Lorax by Dr. Suess

Great Earth Day books to read to children


This book is not only fun to read, but also teaches kids an extremely important lesson about finite resources and what happens when we don’t take care of them. When the thneads are all cut down and the once beautiful and colorful landscape has now become a desolate wasteland, then and only then does he learn his lesson. But is it too late? 



One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia

by Miranda Paul

Great Earth Day books for children

This book is based on a true story and how one woman decided that she would make a difference. After recognizing that the plastic bags were no longer useful, but were instead making her home ugly and dirty she starts to pick them up and begins to sew them into upcycled bags and purses. A great story of determination and respect for our environment!


The Tree Lady by Joseph Hawthorne

Another one of the great Earth Day books available for kids is this true story of how San Diego, California actually got all of its trees. Once a desert with very few trees, one woman decided to make a difference. She quit her job as a teacher and became a gardener and planted thousands of trees around the city. Soon more people began to help and the World Fair came to recognize them. This book is great for showing kids to be persistent and for little girls who want to be something more than what people are telling them to be. 


Why should I recycle?

by Jen Green

A simple, yet powerful book that teaches kids why they should be responsible and recycle their trash. Mr. Jones takes his class on a field trip to a recycling plant after his students ask why he always separates his trash at home. They learn about the importance of recycling and what it does to help our planet. A great option to read to kids who are starting to be aware of the environment and want to help take action to protect it!


Alba and the Ocean Cleanup

by Lara Hawthorne

One of our favorite Earth Day books for kids! This colorful and thought-provoking story takes us on a journey of a fish, Alba. She collects beautiful pieces of the ocean on her birthday each year. Eventually, her home and the surroundings are so covered in trash that she can no longer find a beautiful object. She ends up getting trapped in a plastic bottle. She floats to a beach where a little boy finds her. He decides to help clean up the ocean to save her and protect her home.


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