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A constant conversation in Club Bébé Voyage is about what toys to take on holiday / the plane, and how to spread them out so that children are occupied throughout the flight. On so many occasions, toys are recommended from the ‘dollar store’ which can apparently be thrown away or left at destinations. I would like to suggest a few alternatives that have multi-use functions and are friendlier to the environment which as we all know is feeling a bit fragile. Traveling via plane is already environmentally damaging enough, so why compound the issue? Here are 5 different eco-friendly toys that can be used both on holiday and at home. All except one can be used on the plane too!!


Second hand legos are a great option when looking for eco-friendly toys to take on your travels.

Duplo / Lego

Whilst it isn’t particularly environmentally friendly in itself (although they are making strides to improve), Duplo/Lego can be found second-hand extremely easily and inexpensively. It also has this amazing ability to be used pretty much anywhere – the plane, beach, restaurant, pool, bath, etc. I put a reasonable amount (enough to build a few different things) & take a small amount on the plane in a wet bag. Wait, what if it falls on the floor? One of the genius things about Lego/Duplo is that you can put it in a spare wet bag and when you get to your destination, fill the sink with water and put in a Milton sterilizing tablet and you’re ready to go again! 



Tegu is made from FSC certified wood and is a great option when looking to buy eco-friendly toys.Tegu

This is a huge favourite in my family. They are basically different-sized magnetic shapes and blocks which can be rearranged according to your imagination! They are made in Honduras from FSC certified wood (and for each set sold, a tree is planted) and use non-toxic water-based lacquers. They are suitable from one plus right the way up through childhood (Don’t tell anyone, I enjoy playing with them too). We have the set of 14 which we find is very flexible.


The Green Toys brand sets the standard for eco-friendly toys!

Green Toys” 

A bucket and spade is a must when you go on holiday to a beach location, however, if you are not at a resort that can rent you buckets and spades, the temptation is to buy there, and then ‘leave them’ for the next guest. Unfortunately what normally happens is that they find their way into landfills. In addition to this, most cheap plastic beach toys contain BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Green Toys however, are made in California, USA with recycled milk jugs and other food-grade plastics! They come in a ton of options and are really a win-win when it comes to eco-friendly toys! I have my eye on the dump truck for when we go on a road trip, but the simple bucket and spade set is a winner. I stuff ours with our children’s beach clothes to maximize space. 



Magnetic puzzles

Instead of sticker sets, why not explore the imagination with a magnetic puzzle. There are so many different options out there! I love the Grimms Magnetic Puzzle Triangle board which comes in a little black tin specifically for traveling, but for younger children, the Janod magnetic animal book is fantastic – there are little cards to help you create different animals.


Maileg Mice

These are an absolute favorite of mine. Both my daughter and my son will play for hours with these. They come in ‘matchboxes’ or tins and are therefore perfect for traveling. My daughter loves to travel with two in a box so that they can have conversations with each other. They are handmade and are all limited collections. They are made to last (well, the mice are, I’ve found the matchboxes do break so we now travel with the tins as they are sturdier), and will become treasured members of the family!



Do you have any great eco-friendly toys that you love to bring with you when traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

(Feature Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash )

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