Editor’s Picks: Rebecca Redfern Shares Her Favourite Instagram Accounts For Remote Learning!

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As we are well into our third lockdown here in the UK, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few things that are helping me through this wonderful turmoil of remote schooling!! Here are five Instagram accounts for remote learning that are definitely worth a follow. I hope you will find them as inspiring as I do!  

Five minute mum

An ex-teaching assistant and mum of two, Daisy Upton’s Five-Minute-Mum account has plenty of fun tips and tricks on her Instagram page. Her account was born out of her lack of interest in cleaning up crafts when her kids were toddlers, so she invented five-minute games that had an educational element to them. Designed to get your kids engaged with absolutely anything and everything and not using high maintenance gear (think cereal boxes, the laundry basket, and allllll the soft toys!). Definitely worth a follow! I tend to look at them and then alter them to suit my needs and make them a bit more eco friendly!! Daisy has published a book called Give Me Five and has a new book coming out in April entitled, Time For School. Though her website is currently undergoing a redesign, you can get right to what you need via her Instagram stories that are handily saved in different collections.  

Inspire, play, create

A reception teacher and mum who lives in my local area, Karen has two children and is a forest school leader. She sells these fantastic starting school cards that you can purchase through her Etsy site. There are plenty of craft and cooking activities along with games and suggestions on how to help your kids connect the dots with maths and literacy. Karen takes boring out of the educational equation to make teaching our kids at home (even if it is temporarily) an enjoyable experience for them and for you! She is basically my go-to if I’m ever stuck teaching Amélie in a creative way.    

One of our favorite Instagram accounts to help with remote learning is @miniwritersclub! Give them a follow!

Mini writers club

Also a reception teacher ( do you see a pattern here!), Anna – founder of Mini Writers Club –  tends to do posts as she’s teaching her class, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to find something to help with phonics or literacy-based. The account provides great photos of hands-on phonics activities that don’t require a lot of equipment or preparation time.  Her website has plenty of resources for parents looking to support their child’s language development from actual products you can buy (the phonics box looks amazing!) to a spelling club.  

Need some ideas to get your kids outside? Check out this Instagram account that will not only help with remote learning but also keep your kids away from the electronics!

1000 hours outside

Being outside is so terribly important. Especially now that we spend so much time teaching inside. We are fortunate to live in the country and do a walk every day as there is so much you can do whilst on a walk, but even if we didn’t live here, this would be an inspirational page to follow! The photos are brilliant and sometimes there are wonderful ideas as well as lots of encouragement to make outdoor play a regular and exciting part of childhood exploration. Just recently we made ice lanterns – I wouldn’t have thought to do this without the inspiration from this page.                       #earlymathsfun  This is actually a hashtag but as such so many interesting accounts pop up!! Even though it’s a bit hit and miss, it’s definitely worth a follow.   Do you have any great Instagram accounts that you follow for remote learning? If so, leave us a comment below with their handle so we can take a look! We are always looking for fun and inspiring accounts to follow!   You may also like these articles from Bébé Voyage:    


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