Editors’ Picks: Our Photo Editor’s Top Recommended Kid’s Books With A Good Message

Our Little Kitchen by Jillian Tamakibook cover

One of my favorite activities to do with our daughter is get a stack of books and curl up on our bed to work our way through them. We cover a lot of different themes, characters, and topics in a short space of time, and thanks to our local library offering a socially-distanced pick-up service, we’ve been able to read a LOT of books during this pandemic. I’ve gone back to pick out some of my favorites for my editor’s picks this month and I hope you’ll find one or two in here that appeal to your little one. And since there is already enough negativity right now, these are my top recommended books for kid’s with a good message. 


Come With Me – written by Holly M. McGhee

This book is as much a reminder for me as it is a lesson in encouragement for my daughter. A little girl sees worrying images on the news – but her parents find their own courage to show her not to live in fear and to actively participate in her community to bring kindness and acceptance to her friends and neighbors. Love the simple title and illustrations and the perfect antidote in the year 2020.



Our Little Kitchen – written by Jillian Tamaki 

I came across this book via someone’s recommendation in my local mums’ group and it has been a big hit in our household. The illustrations remind me a little of comic books and lend themselves perfectly to the story of the little kitchen and its volunteers that churn out delicious meals to serve members of their community who not only need good food to nourish their bodies but also communal time to boost their souls. The themes of teamwork, creating with what you have, and community service is all covered in this colorful book which leaves you with a sense of each character’s personality and what they bring to their large table. I especially love how diverse the characters wondering what their own background stories could be is another way it draws you in.


Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea – written by Meena Harris

As soon as it became clear that the United States was going to elect its first female and woman of color vice-president, I bumped this book up to the top of our must-read list! Written by Kamala Harris’s niece and based on true events, it won’t come as a surprise to read of the determination and drive she showed at such a young age and learning to find ways to turn no’s into yes’s, especially when it means you can create a playground space to share with your friends and neighbors. Kamala and her little sister Maya have a BIG idea: they want to create their own play area in the unused courtyard of their building. Their landlord says no – but the sisters are determined to find a way to make it happen.

The concept that really stands out to me in this book, is the idea that nobody can do everything but everyone can do something, nobody can bring everything but everyone can contribute something. Especially for smaller kids who might feel helpless during these weird times, even the smallest action can contribute to something wonderful, whether it be in your home, your community, or the bigger world. Definitely a must read if you are searching for kid’s books that contain a good message. 


Cookies – written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This is not a new book, by any means but it’s most certainly a classic on our bookshelf. Featuring gorgeous old fashioned illustrations from Jane Dyer, the author uses much-beloved cookies to illustrate simple behavioral concepts that are traits we should all (try to) have. In other words, manners! Amy has included a basic chocolate chip recipe in the back of the book, so start there and enjoy the warm gooiness of fresh cookies while you read this book together – a win-win for everyone (except perhaps your kitchen after baking with kids!).



Elephants On Tour – written by Guillaume Cornet

About as big as an elephant (ha ha!), this book is a great update to the Where’s Waldo concept. Five elephants are traveling across the globe exploring many well-known cities. The reader’s task is to find each elephant in the crowded locales as well as their pertinent accessories. There’s The Artist, The Athlete, The Explorer, The Foodie, and (my personal favorite), The Photographer. There are fun facts about each city on each page and it doesn’t have to be read in order. This is still a go-to for us, even a year after we purchased it and we STILL have trouble finding the travelers and their baggage! Will keep little eyes busy for quite a while!


Do you have any recommendations for kid’s books with a good message and encouraging positive feelings? Please feel free to comment and add them below! We are always looking to extend our Bébé Voyage library!


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