Editors’ Picks: Our Director Of Content Shares Her Favorite Foods To Try While Traveling


Since this is the season of good food and delicious treats, I figured I would revolve my editors’ picks this week around some of my favorite foods to try while traveling! Especially during this time when many of us are unable to scratch that travel itch and our wanderlust is in overdrive, food is one of the few things that can help revive old travel memories and get us excited for trips that we will one day take! So without further ado, here are my five favorite foods you absolutely must try while traveling!


Maduros and Croquetas de Jamón in Miami, Florida

croquettes are one of our Director of Content's favorite foods to try while traveling!

Miami is known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches, but it’s also a great family destination with some world class restaurants that will please even the pickiest of eaters. Head to one of the many Cuban restaurants in the area and get an order of maduros and jamon croquettes. (Actually, just go ahead and order two of each…you will eat them!). Maduros are fried sweet plantains that have a similar appearance to bananas. There are quite a few dishes you can make with them, but my absolute favorite is the sweet maduros that you order as an appetizer. The Jamon Croquettes are also equally delicious, with a fried exterior (you fry it, I buy it!) and a soft, påté-like texture in the middle. They usually are gone off the plate before the waiter even puts them down! 


Mango Sticky Rice in Thailand

This sweet Thai dessert is a favorite food to try while traveling!

This is one of those amazing sweet treats that became a favorite of mine while traveling through Thailand. (and you can be sure your kids will eat it!). There is something about Thai mangoes that make this dish extra delicious. The mangoes in Thailand just seem to be sweeter and juicier! Add to it the creamy coconut sticky rice and you have an irresistible dish that you will purposefully be saving room for every meal out! 


Weinerschnitzel in Austria

This dish is pretty well known around the world and there are many variations in many different countries. However, the traditional Austrian dish is actually protected by law and must be made with veal. If it is made with pork (as is more traditional in Germany) it can not be called weinerschnitzel. There are a few ways to enjoy this dish, but my favorite is the simplest of versions with a little bit of lemon juice sprinkled on top! 


Nasi Goreng in Indonesia

This is Indonesian fried rice with a fried egg on top. I mean can a dish get any better!? Made with chicken, garlic, onion, chili, sweet soy sauce, and shrimp paste over rice, this is one of those dishes that is hard not to order when you see it on the menu. It can tend to have a bit of a kick to it, so be sure that whoever orders it likes a little bit of heat on their dish!


Grits – anywhere in the Southern US

Grits are a must try food while traveling!

Head to any southern state for breakfast and grits will surely be on the menu. Made from stone ground corn and then cooked into a porridge-like dish, I will admit they don’t sound extremely appetizing. They can be made sweet or savory though, and pretty much anyone and everyone can find a way to enjoy them. My favorite is when they are made with heavy cream and butter on top. It’s extremely decadent (and obviously not unhealthy at all!) and will have your kids asking for seconds! Many people also enjoy grits for dinner in a dish such as shrimp and grits. Usually they are not made as sweet in a more savory dish such as this, so that they compliment the shrimp. However you decide to eat them though, you will not be disappointed! 


These are just a few of the foods everyone should try while traveling! Heading to the Middle East? Try ordering a fattoush salad and labneh! Headed to Ireland? Then you absolutely must order the black pudding! There are honestly so many more that could easily have gotten a spot on my top five, but all of these items are ones that I will never say no to and hold special memories for us! After all, making memories with your family is what travel is all about!

What are your favorite foods to try while traveling? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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