Editors’ Picks – Our Photography Editor Shares Her Favorite Female Podcasts!

Editors' Picks - All female podcasts

We live in a very walkable city, which definitely has its perks. It’s easy to get to places quickly, has great pedestrian-friendly cafes and shops, and local services are all relatively close by. Of course, it does mean that we live an apartment lifestyle (with few backyard options), and when you share that space with a five-year-old and a big dog, things can get a bit crazy sometimes! My husband and I tag team during the week, and one of my responsibilities is getting our dog out the door during the day for a decent walk. Depending on how busy I am, sometimes we get a half-hour pick-up-the-pace loop or an hour-long amble through various neighborhoods. Regardless, it’s a great time to catch up on all the podcasts I follow. This month I’m picking not only all-female podcasts, but also all Australian podcasts (being an expat I need to hear those familiar voices on a regular basis!). So, slip in the earbuds and take some time to listen to some of my favorites.

Those Two Girls Forty is one of the best Australian female podcasts right now!

FORTY – Those Two Girls

I was fortunate to stumble across this Australian female podcast only two weeks after it began and am already annoyed that it’s only one episode a week! Those Two Girls are best friends Sarah Wills and Lise Carlaw. In addition to hosting a national radio breakfast (or brekkie!) show, they have now started a podcast called Forty, interviewing famous Australian women who are in their forties or beyond – tapping their experiences, minds, and humor to share their wisdom for those of us already in the thick of it (me!) or about to leap into that decade. While their guests might not be familiar names for non-Australians, their journeys and life events will have you nodding your head and realizing it isn’t just you. 



The Wellness Collective with Nat Kringoudis and Cecelia Ramsdale

I am not afraid to admit that I might have scared people around me by bursting out laughing while listening to these two. Primarily a health and wellness podcast, it takes that umbrella term and covers everything from hormone health to mental health to parenting and beyond. Nat is a Chinese Medicine and Natural Fertility Specialist, author, and speaker, and Cecelia is a familiar voice on Australian radio. Their banter is natural and funny while not detracting from the topic at hand (and they range from the silly to the serious). Don’t let the word health deter you – this podcast is so much more than that! One of my favorite female podcasts!




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