Essential Items To Bring On Your Next Long Distance Road Trip With Kids

how to pack your car for a long distance road trip

Traveling with a baby is no easy feat. But that doesn’t mean your next adventure can’t include the littlest family member. Roads trips are a great place to start because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of airport security lines or stuffing the car seat into an Uber. At the same time, a long distance road trip can sound even more intimidating; figuring out sleeping arrangements, dining options, and excursions is almost a full-time job. That’s where a thoughtful itinerary comes in handy. Take the time to determine exactly where you’ll be traveling and which attractions to see along the way. If Google Maps suddenly glitches or you head off the grid, a general sense of where you’re going is helpful. Research is all the more important during a pandemic since many businesses and public spaces have amended hours or restricted capacities.


Perhaps the most important thing to bring for your baby on a long-distance road trip is a safe car seat. Cybex offers the best protection for newborns through elementary schoolers. Their products undergo extensive testing every year and have earned numerous safety awards from industry specialists. In 2020 alone, Cybex won the German Design Award for its E-Priam stroller and a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Award for their Sirona S convertible car seat. Other car seat models for babies include the Cloud Q, Aton Q, Aton M, Aton 2, Eternis S, and Sirona M and the newly launched Sirona S. The last of these is equipped with SensorSafe technology, which connects to smartphones and notifies users when a child has unbuckled the chest clip, has been immobile for an extended period, or the back seat becomes too hot.


Every parent of young children knows that a trip of any duration requires a lot more stuff than a safe car seat and some crayons. Take a look at our full list of essentials to pack on a long-distance trip with kids and check out the Baby Travel Checklists on Bébé Voyage’s blog!


  • Disinfectant spray
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bag
  • Cybex road trip games – Pro Tip: print these out and laminate them and they will last the duration of your trip
  • Kids tablet (if you allow this!) – download movies from Netflix ahead of time in order to ensure uninterrupted viewing
  • Pre-portioned snacks (and meals, if necessary)
  • Baby-friendly cups and cutlery
  • Phone charger – be sure to bring one both for the car and the hotel
  • First-aid kit – Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, gauze, Neosporin, pain reliever
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Towels – can be great for cleanups, picnics, and impromptu stops with water areas
  • Emergency contact information
  • A printed copy of your itinerary with phone numbers and addresses
  • Kids Travel Toilet – Nothing is worse than hitting a long stretch of road only to hear “I need to go to the bathroom.”
  • Car seat liner

There will be moments when you will question your sanity for taking on a long-distance road trip. There will also be moments that will become cherished memories by both you and your children. Know that there is never a road trip that works out perfectly like you planned it, but realizing that ahead of time and being able to roll with the punches is an important aspect of the trip itself. So, with these items in hand, the right mindset and a plan to make things go (hopefully!) as smoothly as possible, you’ll be all set to hit the road. Happy road tripping, everyone!


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