Family Travel Survey Shows Families Have Big Travel Budgets and Big Ambitions

Family Travel to Sydney

The results of the Spring 2023 Bébé Voyage Family Travel Survey are out and there is no doubt that family travel is stronger than ever. Of the 103 respondents, all with at least one child under the age of 18, a few things stood out. More than half have at least one child under the age of 5 and are planning on traveling with them in the next 12 months.


Big travel budgets

Families have big travel budgets. 55% of the respondents are allocating US$10,000 to $20,000 for travel in the coming year. And over 10% of the respondents have more than $20,000 to spend on travel.

Given these travel budgets, people are willing to spend extra money for special events and activities and nice restaurants. Conversely, respondents said they try to save money mostly on transportation. Interestingly, half of the respondents said they’re willing to splurge on accommodations whereas the other half searched for good deals on places to stay.


Lots of time away from home

Millennial parents are planning on traveling a lot in the coming year. 54% of the respondents have 3-5 trips on the calendar and 25% are planning 6 or more trips. And these aren’t short trips! Just over half of the respondents are planning on traveling between 2 weeks and a month.  Meanwhile, 22.5% are planning on traveling between one and two months in the coming year.

Family Travel Survey results showing nights away from home

Even though 82.5% of the respondents are US based, that doesn’t seem to limit their ability to travel extensively. Folks living outside of the US (Canada, Europe, Australia etc.) did report slightly longer periods of travel. But plenty of US-based families are planning on traveling for 20 to 60 days in the coming year.


Big Ticket Trips

Millennial families have ambitious travel plans. The top bucket list destination for a family trip was an African safari. Other big adventures included Japan, the Amazon and Brazil, the Everest base camp, the Galapagos, Australia and New Zealand.

Nearly 40% of respondents are considering or will definitely use a travel agent to book a trip in the coming year. This is not surprising considering the available budgets and the ambitions of these traveling families.

That being said, travel blogs and guide books are the most popular resources for travel inspiration and trip planning.


Family Travel Survey Tracks with Industry Findings

The results of the Bébé Voyage Spring 2023 Family Travel Survey are consistent with the latest Bain-Altagamma Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study findings. Millennials and Gen Z accounted for all the luxury market’s growth in 2022, including spending on luxury travel. Additionally, the Robb Report found that luxury hotels and travel agencies are evolving their offerings to accommodate millennials, including those traveling with children.

For additional information about the Bébé Voyage Spring 2023 Family Travel Survey, please contact Marianne Perez-Fransius.


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