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Have you always wished for childcare on vacation, but finding a babysitter makes you nervous? This article is for you! We asked one of our fellow members and holiday nanny experts Jill, who runs the leading British childcare company in Tenerife, for her advice on finding a babysitter abroad.


Advice on finding a babysitter abroad:


Being worried as parents is totally understandable.

Reputable companies should keep parents updated on how the children are, even while they sleep. Usually the parents are close-by, like eating in the hotel restaurant for instance. This provides the parents some peace of mind. A lot of people fit a nanny cam or have a camera linked to their phone so they can see their children play and even sleep too. All nannies should be fine with as we would never do anything we shouldn’t be!


Finding a babysitter…

Have a look on google for babysitters or nannies in the area you are staying or email the hotel and ask if they provide this service. Also have a look on trip advisor on the hotels reviews; someone may mention they’ve used this service and you will get their opinions then too. I have found the common problem families have is that the hotels kids clubs do not take children under 4 unaccompanied. This leads many to needing to hire from independent nanny companies.


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Mini Amigos Tenerife


Vetting a reputable babysitter is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of hotels that allow just anyone to babysit, as in the receptionist, cleaners or workers in kids club. And 9 times out of 10 they do not have qualifications, or any kind of paediatric first aid training and most of all not police checked which is a must for working with children. Even sometimes, the companies the hotel may recommend do not have the correct documents in order for the nannies. A lot of companies are not even insured! So, you need to do thorough research ahead of time.

With every booking we get, we send all the nannies details and documents as proof they are fully qualified, first aid trained and DBS certified. I also tell people to read my many reviews I have on the website. This usually puts parents minds at rest. Plus, the nanny will always bring photo ID with them, even though all my nannies are listed on the website with their photos. My advise to you is do your checks!


Ask for official documentation.

Whoever the hotel recommends, you need to see all their documents. Also, when you find out the nannies name, have a look to see what her reviews are like. If it’s a genuine, well-run company then all this information will come easily for you. They should have a website or Facebook page for you to do your research.

Don’t take their word for it, as many advertise all the checks but cannot prove it! This is my frustration.
My parents don’t need to ask as I send it anyway. You want to see all documents and do your research on the person or company before choosing.


Enjoy your time away.

Evening babysitting is the most popular. Holiday nannies can come to the hotel at the requested time to care for the children while they sleep or help with bed time routines. I know you hear a lot of horror stories, but please don’t worry too much. Once you’ve done your research and hired a great nanny, most of the time the children are fast asleep and don’t even know you have gone out!
babysitter while traveling

About the Author, Jill: 

Parents don’t want to spend their holiday in a manic kids club covered in glitter and playing games!
This is where Mini Amigos Tenerife comes in…. We work mainly in hotels & private villas providing a professional childcare and babysitting service to holiday makers. We provide a private nanny to accompany your children to the kids club, swimming, beach etc to give them one-on-one enjoyment with activities and daily entertainment. Mini Amigos Tenerife also cares for babies of any age and will follow the baby’s routine.
I have been working as a nanny on the island of Tenerife for 11 years. I know most of the hotels and also how important it is to provide a professional service, with a caring approach. We know how hard it is for parents to leave their children, but we provide peace of mind to parents before they even arrive! We send proof of all their assigned nannies documents to them and all their personal reviews so they know their children are in extremely capable, professional hands. All nannies are fully qualified, police checked and level 3 emergency paediatric first aid trained.
We know how important it is for parents to have a relaxing holiday and also the children to have a fantastic time too, without disrupting their routines of an evening time. Next time you’re in Tenerife, give us a call! Happy travels!
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