Five Gifts for Tiny Travelers


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If you’re looking for the perfect travel gear for your tiniest traveler – look no further! The Bebe Voyage team has rounded up our favorite items that are both perfect gifts and will help make traveling with babies and toddlers just a bit easier.



Blanket 212 Evolution | 7 A.M. Enfant is a Club Bebe Voyage favorite and the Blanket 212 Evolution is one of the reasons why. This stroller muff will keep your baby warm no matter where you go. (We’ve even used it in a bike seat.) It easily expands both in length and width so you can use it for multiple children and it grows with your child. Every time I see one of my littles snuggled up in the Blanket 212 I wish they made one for adults!

UBBI Portable Changing Mat | The UBBI Portable Changing Mat is perfect for those on the go changes. It is cushy like a yoga mat and wide enough for a rolling baby. As a bonus there is plenty of space for diapers and wipes in the bag. Keeping one of these handy makes changing on the go, even when there isn’t a changing table, comfortable for baby.

Whisbear | The Whisbear gives off a soft humming noise and can be activated by your child’s crying. You can adjust the volume quickly, which is a feature I absolutely love. It is soft and cuddly but the Whisbear’s magnetic arms allow it to grab a stroller, crib or even grab onto your diaper bag. We’ve tested quite a few on-the-go noisemakers and this is our favorite for versatility and ease of use. You can purchase the Whisbear through Amazon or directly through the Whisbear webpage.

Frequent Flyer Onesie | Celebrate your little one’s frequent flyer status with this adorable onesie. (There are also First Flight and World Traveler options.) We love that it stops all the “is this your baby’s first flight” questions.

Doc-A-Tot | We are obsessed with the versatility of the Doc-A-Tot for travel. It is lightweight and provides the perfect place to put your baby no matter where you are. I’ve used them on trains, planes, boats and in restaurants as a safe space for my infant to play or rest. Although we’ve upgraded to the larger version at home I still bring the small one to travel as it makes the bed feel like home for the little ones. (If you’re purchasing in the EU then Doc-A-Tot sells under the name of Sleepyhead of Sweden.)

We have one more bonus product for you – its brand new and looks amazing. (We have one to test but are just waiting on baby to be born!)

Kepi Support Swaddle | This innovative swaddle and base are perfect for families on the go. The swaddle supports baby’s spine, promotes a well -rounded head and allows for natural hip movement all while hugging baby. The lounger, designed to be used with the swaddle is elevated and has an anti-roll design, perfect for babies with reflux or colic. Baby is easily carried around in the swaddle and it would be perfect for promoting sleep while you travel. The lounger is also compact and ideal for travel. Pack it along so you have a place to set baby on the go. We can’t wait to give you the full low down on the Kepi but its already getting amazing reviews!


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