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Helping kids sleep comfortably on an airplane continues to be one of the most popular topics on the Bébé Voyage boards. These flying beds for kids are lifesavers for parents flying long-haul flights with little ones! Not only do they expand the available space for sleeping, they also help children feel more at ease. A variety of flying bed products make the most of the limited space that airplanes offer. We turned to our members to find out which ones really work and which ones they recommend for anyone looking to purchase one!

Our Favorite Flying Beds For Kids

The Stokke Travel Bundle Bed Box

Travel bundle BedBox? + Crew BackPack? Black/White

The Stokke Travel Bundle Box is not only fun for the kids to ride on through the airport, but it also turns into a bed on the plane to make those long-haul trips just another night away from home! It sits on the floor directly in front of your child’s seat with a small mattress pad that attaches to the suitcase in order to make a flat surface for them to relax or sleep on. Pack the suitcase and the adorable flight crew bag with everything your child needs and start your vacation from the moment you enter the airport!

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Inflatable-Style Flying Beds For Kids

These flying beds are able to be inflated after take-off and fit on the floor in front of your child’s seat. They fill the space and create a flat surface with the seat for sleeping. They also provide a leg rest to help kids sit more comfortably during the times they’re awake on a flight.

Plane Pal

The Plane Pal has been reviewed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, as well as the International Air Transport Association, and deemed safe for onboard use. It comes with a hand pump and small hose that connect to the pillow for easy inflation. This controls the amount of air filling the Plane Pal so that it can fit into budget, bulkhead, and standard seating. Our Bébé Voyage member Karen, from Travel Mad Mum, loves this flying bed so much she started selling it. “We travel at least once a month with our 2.5 year old toddler and there just isn’t anything like the Plane Pal for sale in Europe.”

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1st Class kids Travel Pillow

The 1st Class Kids Travel Pillow is another inflatable pillow that fills the gap between two economy seats. The lower price point makes it a winner. When folded up, it’s small enough to fit into carry-on luggage. However, some users have found that it may not fit tightly enough, depending on the size of the space in front of the seat.



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Flyaway Kids bed

This bed’s innovative design features two chambers with separate valves that can be inflated with a hand pump in just 90 seconds to fit securely into economy, premium economy, or bulkhead seating. A third pressure-relief valve automatically releases air to adjust to pressure changes in the plane’s cabin throughout the flight, or to changes in available space if the passenger in front reclines their seat. The Flyaway Kids Bed can be packed into a carry-on. Created with safety in mind, the bed is made of BPA-free materials and has been approved by the International Air Transport Association as an inflight comfort device.


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Inflatable Fly Bed by Fly Tot

One of the first inflatable flying beds on the market, the FlyTot also remains the most well-known. It is very popular within our community. The FlyTot’s angled design allows for a better fit between both economy and business seats. Although quite large when deflated, and therefore sometimes cumbersome to carry, it can be inflated in under 3 minutes with a foot pump. FlyTot works actively with airlines to prevent problems with the product’s use on flights.



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Our Alternative Fly Bed Finds

Our members travel many miles! Along the way, some have come up with other ways to help kids sleep on planes.

If you have an infant, make sure you request the bassinet from your airline when you book your tickets. Then you guarantee a bed for the baby without having to haul the gear yourself. Bassinets have weight/length limits; most children over the age of 12 months will not be allowed in them.

The small SkyBaby travel mattress cocoons your infant in arms. We tried it out on a few flights. It did help baby sleep, and also made mom more comfortable. You can read the full review here.

Other members simply use the floor of the aircraft or several seats combined with a travel bassinet or sleeping system. The Dock-A-Tot permit this kind of configuration.  As with all of the other sleeping solutions mentioned in this article, the crew may refuse the use of these devices. In addition, some airlines will not allow you to place a child on the floor during flight.


Looking for other great products for keeping the kids entertained and happy? Check out Keep Em Quiet’s entertainment packs that you can grab for your kids before boarding!


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Popular Questions

Are flying beds allowed on all airlines?

Unfortunately, some major airlines DO NOT allow flying beds on board. As always, it’s best to verify with your airline before you fly. You can do this by calling the airline’s customer service line directly. Or, check the airline’s website in the sections about flying with children, assistive devices, or in-flight comfort devices.

Can you still buckle the seat belt?

You can still buckle the seat-belt while the bed is in place. Ask the flight attendant for a seat extender if necessary.

Can the seat still recline when the fly bed is in place?

According to our members, these travel pillows do not prevent seats from reclining.

How can I help my child sleep comfortably with their fly bed?

Most kids won’t be able to lay flat on the pillow. If your child is longer than the distance between the back of their seat and the seat in front of you, you will have to angle your child in order for them to lie flat. They may be most comfortable sleeping in the fetal position. We also suggest packing a favorite lovey and soft blanket to help your child sleep comfortably during the flight.

The Rules

  • If you plan to use one of these devices, you must have a seat purchased for your child.
  • None of these devices are certified by the FAA or any other regulatory body. As a result, usage in the cabin is limited to cruise and at the discretion of the flight crew. You may be asked to put it away during turbulence. You will certainly have to stow your bed during the critical phases of flight (taxi, takeoff, and landing).
  • Flight crews on various airlines do sometimes prohibit passengers from using these products. You might lug your bed onto the plane, only to be told it cannot be used on that flight. The companies we contacted all told us that they are working with airlines to make sure their products can be used. Still, check with your airline before your flight.
  • Always book a seating arrangement that doesn’t block other passengers in once the flying bed is inflated.


The Trade Off

Everything has a trade off. These flying beds for kids can make flying more comfortable for families, but otherwise have a limited use. Are you willing to haul something that you will only use on an airplane? The answer likely depends on the length of your flight, how frequently you travel, and what else you carry. Most of our members find that flying beds are essential for longer flights that coincide with their children’s naps or bedtimes.

Bon voyage!

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