Go Happy Kids Travel Tray Product Review


Author: Julia Bloom

Bébé Voyage Rating: 7/10

Go Happy Kids Travel Tray is the perfect thing to bring with you on a trip where you need to keep your kiddo contained and entertained. It may not feel like an essential item, but it proved its worth on our cross-country trip from the east coast to San Francisco. Both our kiddos got to travel with their own tray, which cut down on fighting and kept them generally happy in their own spaces. I was impressed at what a tray could do to make travel a bit easier with my 1, 3 and 4-year-olds!

What bébé loved

It was her own space and tray. Honestly, the tray was a toy in itself for our bebes. It is now a favorite in the house to be used to pretend to “go on a trip”.

What mommy loved

It was the grippy bottom that made it non-slip and stay in place. I wasn’t constantly picking things up off the floor where my toddler couldn’t reach from the airplane seat. Coloring books, markers, and any other toys I could think of generally stayed put on the tray too because there was a small lip along the edges too.

Is the product easy to use/convenient?

The Go Happy Kids Travel Tray was generally easy to use. You could easily slip it in the back of a backpack. My only complaint was that it did not fold up more. While it was not heavy, the footprint was a little large for a family of five that has a lot to stuff in a backpack for a cross-country trip. Given its size, we didn’t have space for it on one leg of the trip (it ended up in the suitcase), but we used it the entire time at our hotel. We needed a place for kids to play and eat and the trays were perfect!

There was nothing to explain or really put together. I may have missed this in the directions, but I also went online and figured out you could use markers on it- what a huge win! They should definitely sell this more.:)

Does the product resolve a current pain point and if so how well?

While most moms think of toys, food, and changes of clothes for a long trip, a tray usually wouldn’t come to the top of the list. It did make for an easier trip, so in that way, the product resolves the pain point of bored children on long journeys. It was absolutely a net positive when traveling and could be useful beyond airplanes in other public spaces while traveling.

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How safe is the product?

There were absolutely no safety concerns for this product. Quite to the contrary, it supports cleanliness while traveling, where germs abound. I did have to catch my more rambunctious toddler from hitting her sister on the head with the hard tray- oops. Not the product’s fault at all.:)

Value for money

It is on the pricier side for a non-essential travel item, but you will not be disappointed if you buy.

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