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Greentom Mint Stroller

I travel with my kids to show them the beauty of the world, something that unifies the Bébé Voyage community. The last few months I’ve been testing out a stroller that combines my desire to travel with my kids comfortably and my love of green products. The Greentom stroller bills itself as the “greenest stroller on the planet.” It is the first one in the world to be made completely of recycled plastic and it is made in my current home, The Netherlands.

The Greentom stroller comes in three models. We tested the “Classic” ($299) which is the most basic model with baby forward facing. The “Carrycot” bassinet  ($469) and “Reversible” ($379) models all work on the same frame. You can buy all three setups in one package for $699. We also added a shopping tote ($89) to our stroller to increase our storage space.

As soon as I pulled the stroller out of the box I could feel how light it is for a large stroller. The Greentom Stroller weighs in at 7kg (16lbs). Compare that to the Mountain Buggy Nano’s 5.9 kg (13lbs) and the City Mini’s 8kg (18.4lbs).

The Greentom stroller fits in your large stroller category. If you are looking for a compact travel stroller, this is not the one for you. It has a roomy, but not full recline. The basket underneath is small, comparable to the size of the Mountain Buggy Nano.

Once you add the shopping bag, you gain a ton of storage space. The shopping bag has a shoulder strap, handles and a zip top. It clips onto the bottom of the stroller for extra storage. Greentom also makes a diaper bag ($79) that can clip to this space.

I loved the shopping bag. Strolling around Europe I’m often asked to fold my stroller or leave it parked in restaurants and museums. The ability to have all my stuff in one place where I could just grab it and go was amazing!

We know how a stroller travels is the most important factor to the Bébé Voyage community, so we packed the stroller into the car for a beach trip to Texel, NL. Yep all five of us go on trips in this little car! The stroller fit easily in the car with our things.

The Greentom stroller pushes like a dream. After being made entirely of recycled products this is its next best feature! It glides so easily. My five year old was having a blast pushing it around. We took it on a ton of rough terrain and it handled well.

I really struggle with the one-hand steering of strollers. It seems like I’m always carrying one of the boys or holding an umbrella and I just cannot push the stroller straight. The Greentom easily pushes with one hand. Seriously! It’s one of the best I’ve tried, even when the five year old is in the seat.

The Greentom Stroller stood up to abuse by both my big kids. The five and three year old both happily rode in it. They also enjoyed playing on it, pushing it and just generally being hard on it.

The stroller has a great shade, something that many strollers lack. The shade also has a front piece that pops down to really provide full coverage.

The stroller is easily folded in one click and this can be done with one hand. The front bar does not fold up with the stroller, so to get a flat fold you need to remove the bar.

My one complaint is the way in which the shade attaches to the stroller. In order for the shade to accommodate the recline feature there is an extender piece that attaches with hook and loop closures. When folded this seam can sometime peek apart or not fold neatly. It has gotten a bit better the more we’ve used it so it may have been an issue of the fabric being stiff.

All in all I think this is a great option for a large stroller. It’s my choice for days trips in which I only need one kid in the stroller.

Pros: Eco Friendly. Recline. Full Shade. One Hand Fold. One Handed Control. Maneuverability. Comfort.

Cons: Small Storage Space. Funny Shade Connection. No Mom Console.

The Greentom comes in 10 colors and three frame colors so you can customize your perfect stroller. You can order yours here.

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The Bébé Voyage Editorial Team received a Greentom Stroller in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. As always we test these products and give you our honest opinion. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 225: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement in Advertising.


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