Hire A Professional Photographer While Traveling And Take Home Photos You Will Cherish Forever

hire a professional photographer for your trip and have memories you will cherish forever

No matter where we are traveling, if you’re anything like me, the phone is always within reach to document the moment your little one tries a new food at that local cafe, discovers the joy of a foreign playground, or sees that one thing they have been begging to see for (what seems like) ages. In the current age which has delivered us the smartphone and the tablet, it’s easy to just keep snapping away and find yourself in a storage situation you didn’t see coming. But what if there was an option that would allow you to put down the phone and have someone else document those travel moments (and as a parent put you in the frame too?). Last year we decided to choose that option and hire a professional photographer while traveling. We ended up with beautiful family photos taken in Paris! I was able to put down my camera and my phone and now have some amazing images of us with our daughter and her first time at the Eiffel Tower.

These photos are now on our walls and I don’t regret doing it for a second. They also doubled as Holiday cards so I knocked that off my giant to-do list as well! Now I see them every time I come into the house and it makes me so happy!

Considering it for your next holiday (oh, yes – there will be travel in 2021!)? Here are some reasons why you should do it and how to make the most of your session.




As 2020 has taught us, it’s the simple things that matter, and going all complex doesn’t need to be the main ingredient for fun. As a photographer, I always have clients who espouse reasons why they don’t want a photo of themselves (“I don’t like how I look right now!”) or grandparents who tagalong to help out and then panic when I insist they jump in for a quick shot (“I’m not dressed for this!” or “They don’t need old nana in the photo!”). But here’s the thing: they do. Twenty years from now your children, especially if they are small, might be asking about their grandparents and what they were like, and do we have any photos of them? Twenty years from now you’re probably going to want to take a peek down memory lane to remind yourself of the little faces that invaded your space every day and kept you on your feet while simultaneously wanting to make you grab them in a bear hug and never let them go. 




Yourselves. That’s it. Well, not quite. But at the end of the day, you want photos that reflect the reality of your family right now – and if that means crazy faces, tickle fights, including the lovey that needs to be in every shot, and bribing with promises of croissants, ice cream, or whatever works, then go with it (bringing snacks from the smallest members of the family is also a good idea!). It’s your photographer’s job to create beautiful photos for you – yours is to just have fun and enjoy the fact that this time you have no responsibilities to document your family whatsoever!



Your photographer will absolutely be able to help you out with finding or suggesting some great locations at your destination, but it’s helpful for them to know in advance what you’re hoping to capture of the city, town, or village you are traveling to. Do you want significant landmarks? Or more of a sense of the neighborhood you are staying in? Maybe you could incorporate an extra activity (like sitting at a cafe having a snack break, or walking to a nearby playground or park)? If you are visiting for the first time or haven’t been to your destination in a while, your photographer can give you the inside track on the best times for busier locales and alternatives for quieter ones.



Answer: you all did! Knowing that we were going to be spending a few days in another country before traveling to Paris by train, meant that I couldn’t be incredibly fancy with the clothing choices for our session (who has time for ironing when you could be exploring?!). I kept it simple by choosing a color that worked for all of us and clothes that we would be wearing anyway. Thankfully the weather cooperated and it wasn’t too cold. You definitely have more leeway (and room in your suitcase) if you’re planning on having photos done in a warmer location! Keep in mind that you will probably be moving a lot during the time with your photographer so while you want to look great, you also want to be comfortable and not constantly adjusting tops or bottoms while trying to manage little ones or get that elusive photo with your partner.


Hiring a photographer to document your holiday so you don’t have to, is an investment very much worth considering! With the right photographer, a place that is close to your heart or part of your next adventure, and being with the people you love the most, you can have beautiful images for your home and your heart.

Photo Credit: Katie Donnelly, Katie Donnelly Photography

Interested in getting photos on your trip, but don’t know any local photographers to reach out to? Be sure to check out Flytographer. They specialize in professional vacation photographs and have photographers all over the world that you can find through their site. You are sure to find someone amazing that will capture those special moments of you and your family. It will also take the stress out of trying to hire a professional photographer while traveling so you can focus on more important things…like packing!

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