How To Apply For Baby’s First Passport: Canada Edition

How to apply for a baby's first passport in Canada

This particular article is for a baby’s first passport in Canada, however we will have additional articles soon for other countries! 

Applying for a baby’s first passport can be a daunting process but it isn’t as complicated as you think. To help you out we have compiled a short guide on how to apply with useful links for you to follow.


The parents who have custody or the legal guardians of the child are eligible to apply for a child’s passport. To save time, complete the application form on your computer and then print it. Each parent or legal guardian should sign the application form. The Government of Canada has excellent information on their website to help guide you through the process.

If you are not traveling in the next month or so, you can submit the application by mail or visit one of the Passport offices or Service Canada receiving agent locations. If you need your child’s passport in the next 20 days, you need to apply in person at one of the Passport office locations. Many locations also offer pick up, express and urgent service for an extra fee.


When you apply for a passport for your child, you will need to find a guarantor to sign the application and one of the passport photos. The guarantor must have known you (the parent or legal guardian who is applying on behalf of the child) personally for at least two years and must have knowledge of the child.

Required Documents

  • Proof of your child’s Canadian citizenship: typically a long-form birth certificate or citizenship certificate (original document only)
    • Contact the vital statistics office in the province or territory where your child was born to obtain a birth certificate.
  • Two identical passport photos (the name and address of the photographer and the date the photos were taken must be included on the back of one of the photos). One photo needs to be signed by the guarantor.
  • Proof of parentage or proof of legal guardianship (if applicable).
  • All documents that refer to the custody of, mobility of, or access to the child.
  • Any valid Canadian passport or travel document issued in the child’s name.
  • Supporting documentation if updating the gender identifier.

All documents must be submitted in either French or English. If a document is in another language, an official translation must be provided.

Infant Passport Photo CTA


The requirements for passport photos are different from those in the United States and other countries. Photos for Canadian passports must be taken in person by a commercial photographer or studio no more than 6 months before the date you submit your application. They must also comply with all additional photo requirements, otherwise your application will be rejected.


Ensure you bring the correct amount for the fees. There are additional fees associated with replacing a passport, express or urgent processing and other administrative services. You can check here for the current fees. Cash or personal cheques are generally not accepted, although you will need to verify acceptable payment types if applying in person at a consulate abroad.

Reminder: A child’s passport does not need a signature. A child may sign the passport and children over the age of 11 are encouraged to sign. If a child does not sign, the signature block on page 3 must be left blank.

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