How To Apply For Baby’s First Passport UK Edition

How to apply for your baby's first passport in the UK.

This particular article is for UK citizens looking to get a passport for a baby or child under 16, however we will have additional articles soon for other countries! 

Applying for a baby first passport can be a daunting process but it isn’t as complicated as you think. To help you out we have compiled a quick step by step guide on how to apply with helpful links for you to follow.

Required Documents

First thing first, make sure you have all the documents you need as you will need to prove that the baby/child under 16 is entitled to British Nationality.

  • A copy of the long form birth certificate (this will be returned from the HM Passport Office).
  • British Parent passport (if applicable)
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (if applicable)
  • Children born outside the UK, adoption and surrogacy will require extra documents.


Application can be made online via the UK government website (this is the easiest and cheaper option), as a paper application that can be submitted via the ‘check and send’ service at your closest post office, or in person at the HM Passport Office.


You will need to identical photos 45mm high, 35mm wide.

Online application will require a digital photo. Most photo stores will provide you with a code to use directly on the application.

To know more about how to take a baby’s passport pictures check out our article.

Infant Passport Photo CTA

Confirming Identity

Not matter whose passport you are applying for, you will always have to have someone confirming the identity of the person in the pictures. The person certifying the pictures must be over 18, live in the UK, known you for at least two years and have a current UK passport. They also must fit within the UK Government’s Guidance and from a recognized profession like: doctor, teacher, solicitor etc.

  • Online Application: the person will receive an email from the HM Passport Office.
  • Paper Application: the photos must be signed on the back before sending the application


Online Application: £49

Paper Application: £58.50 + extra fees if you want to include the Check and Send service.

Fast Track: £122

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