India Is Being Ravaged By Covid And Needs Our Help–NOW.


This article has been written by Gauthami Vemula-Queijo is a Social Entrepreneur, Activist, Author, Community Leader, and first-generation immigrant from India. She is the Founder & President of Color me SAFE, a family crisis management consulting firm in Dallas, specializing in child welfare issues. Color me SAFE provides a voice for underrepresented families, a lot of them immigrants, going through the Child Protective Services system and raises awareness about the child welfare laws of Texas, child abuse and neglect, and bullying prevention/intervention. Gauthami was a finalist for the “Woman of Year” award through the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce and received the 2020 United Nations Day Global Leadership award. Most recently she was selected as IANT’s (Indian Association of North Texas) Woman of the Year. Gauthami strongly believes in Gandhi’s beautiful words, “be the change you wish to see in this world.”

A tragedy knows no logic. In the last year and a half, the entire world has experienced a tragedy that most of us could never have imagined. COVID-19 has devastated and paralyzed the entire world. I never thought in my life I would experience a pandemic like this. COVID-19 does not discriminate between wealth, age, gender, nationality, or religion.


Our ability to perceive someone’s else’s pain, our willingness to empathize with the suffering of others, to see our face among the desolate even when we are sitting in a place of comfort and safety; to have compassion and the generosity to inspire hope to the helpless- this is what makes us deserving of being called HUMAN.


This is not an attempt to preach, impose or brag. These are just a few words from my heart to those who may read this or listen.


The COVID crisis is getting worse in India day by day, minute by minute. What is happening there is unimaginable and suffering is truly heartbreaking. Hospitals are at full capacity, ICU beds are scarce, ambulances are busy and overworked, there is limited oxygen, and bodies are being cremated in masses. The number of daily deaths has surpassed that of the United States when it was at its peak.


Friends, India is where I was born and a country I love with all my heart. If you are in a position to help out our brothers and sisters in India, please do so. It can be a financial contribution, sending provisions, or necessary supplies. Even the smallest gesture will count. Giving for the sake of just giving is charity but sharing because we have enough is HUMANITY. Additionally, we will not be truly safe until COVID is under control everywhere. Please help India fight its second wave of COVID-19.


Below are some trusted and reputable organizations that I have personally donated to and who are on the ground in India working tirelessly.


  1. Give India
  2. SEWA International USA
  3. Desai Foundation
  4. America India Foundation



Additionally, here is a google document for anyone looking to support local efforts/non-profits & Independent Media using international credit cards.




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