Kid & Coe Tiny House Review : A Perfect Family Getaway In Vermont

Kid & Coe tiny house review in Vermont



Where: The Tiny House, Putney VT

Located in Southern Vermont, approximately 3.5 hours from New York City, 2 hours from Boston, and 4 hours from Montreal. The Tiny House is a minimalist, one-room cabin designed to accommodate up to four people. Built by the owners (who reside next door and thus are easy to contact should any issues arise) it focuses on promoting sustainability with its eco-friendly materials, design, and technology.  Andrea and her husband, Jonathan, have made the most of the small space with a super-efficient kitchen, two large beds (one in the loft), and an inviting living space with a couch, pillows, blankets, and board games for everyone. It’s a 15-minute drive from Brattleboro, a town with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops (we recommend Mocha Joe’s), and a co-op supermarket for supplies.

When: We booked the Tiny House after discovering it through one of our favorite kid-friendly travel sites, Kid & Coe, and the end of July was one of the few dates available (demand is extremely high since the pandemic limited many other destinations, both domestically and internationally). However, Vermont is one of these states that is wonderful year-round with something for everyone. Whether you envision summer hikes with a BBQ to finish or curling up with a hot beverage and a family game night while the snow swirls around, The Tiny House is perfect for every occasion. 


The tiny house is packed with games for kids in case of a rainy day.

What: Two days was a short break but we made the most of it. Staying on the property we could explore the nearby riverfront (which the owners have taken the time to carve out a hiking path and add seating and a campfire adjacent to the water – perfect afternoon spot for parents to read while kids paddle). Inclement weather? The Tiny House is stocked with an array of board and card games for all ages. Even though we had gorgeous weather the days we were there, my husband taught our daughter to play the classic Connect Four, and having a quiet option to counteract the outdoor time was a nice balance. 


Beyond the property itself, we took a socially-distanced walk around Retreat Farm just outside Brattleboro which is a kid-friendly farm with animals, a story walk, and mini-hikes (due to covid many of the hands-on activities were unavailable). We did some beautiful drives stopping at a couple of self-serve farm stands en route, including Vermont Shepherd and Tanglebloom, and experienced what was probably the highlight of the trip – seeing a black bear cub run (safely) across the road in front of our car! A first for all of us (including my New England born husband)!


Why: We love Kid & Coe and this was our third stint with them (we have also booked with them in Amsterdam and Vienna). This company is a great resource for families looking to travel both domestically and internationally and with their beautiful photos and detailed descriptions it makes it easy to find a good match for your family (or hard, if you’re like me and love to just sift through the listings!!).

The Tiny House is the perfect venue and location for a weekend getaway for a small family. Andrea and Jonathan have put together a quiet, nature-focused refuge from the crazy busy with all the creature comforts of home, far enough away for some quiet time, but close enough to find plenty to do. Being parents themselves, they truly understand the benefits and challenges of traveling with kids and make their place your home away from home as well (including their curious cat, Tiger, and sweet rescue dog, Milo!).

For more info, you can see their listing here and follow them on Instagram here.

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