7 Adventure Vacations for Kids

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Our thanks to Bebe Voyage reader Tyler Manner–father of 2 and avid adventurer–for this article! 

Summer break for the kids almost always means a summer break for us too. Our family of four, including our now 14 year old girl and 11 year old boy, is always looks for an exciting adventure, especially when vacation planning. Lucky for us, we’re all equally enthusiastic about exploring new things and trying new experiences together. My wife and I have always been adventure enthusiasts, and when the kids got old enough, we were excited to instill that same thirst for adventure in them. We’ve tried quite a few things and experiences in the past 2-3 yearcs, always scouting for adventure vacations where both we and the kids can equally have a great time. In our opinion, the biggest responsibility of being a parent is including your children in what you do (whilst not compromising too much on your happiness!)

Keeping that in mind, here are 7 of my favorite adventure holidays with kids. I truly hope that this list gets bigger in the days to come!


Skiing with sunlight behind tree

We were skeptical about the safety of a skiing vacation as it seems dangerous. When we discovered that there are skiing camps for parents and kids, we couldn’t wait to learn more. Camp Keystone is one of the more popular skiing destinations out in Colorado Rockies, where they also offer a number of outdoor winter  activities including ice skating. They even feature the world’s largest snow fort. It was truly one of our best experiences vacationing with our children and we would highly recommend it .  The professionals were so courteous and made sure that our kids were safe at all times. We did not feel that we had  to supervise the guides because we totally trusted them!

If you’re on the East Coast, you can check out Seven Springs in Pennsylvania where the snow tours and sleigh rides are a favorite during the holiday season.  Check out the exclusive Bébé Voyage Cold Weather Packing List to help gear up for this amazing trip!


Cruise ship docked off of a coastline

My wife in particular had wanted to go on a cruise for ages, but it worried me that the kids might not have much to do once they got on the ship. I mean, cruises are all about watching performances or sipping on delicious cocktails by the pool, right?  Children tend to get restless when things are too low key for too long. We found the perfect balance on a trip on the Disney Wonder. The ship is filled with Disney and Marvel themed games and rides that kept the kids occupied all day. At every stop, we also hopped off and tried other activities like horseback riding and sightseeing. During the 7-day-long trip,  I think the two of us fell in love with the Disney concept too!

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting group with kids

At first, my wife and I were not keen on the idea of whitewater rafting with the kids. As rafting is something even adults consider dangerous or intimidating, having children on board could be a risk. Honestly though, choosing to push past that myth and planning that trip with them was the best decision I made! We went rafting on the Arkansas River with Echo Canyon River Expeditions; one of the more popular rafting outfitters in the area. We found many families rafting with kids and loved going through what we learned were class 1 and 2 rapids.

Disney World

Cinderella Castle at Disney from a distance

We hadn’t been to Disney World yet and we were getting major heat from my kids. As it’s such an iconic vacation, we wanted to wait for the right opportunity so our kids would be old enough to remember it. We stayed at the Disney Hotel for 4 days and earned extra “magic hours” which allowed us the access the park at any time! From Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, this was by far one of the best holidays we’ve had. So much so that my wife and I are planning another one soon!


Young girl with a surfboard in water

We didn’t take our younger one for this adventure because she was too tiny and couldn’t swim, but our older child truly enjoyed it! The Endless Surf Camp at CA is one of the best in the country, with surfing classes for children starting from the age of 10. Their classes are great for starters and a perfect summer activity for kids during their school break.  An avid surfer, having my son learn was an unforgettable experience for. I’m pretty sure my younger child will be ready to try it out soon as well!


Lighted tent under a night sky

Camping is a semi-annual tradition in our family, and we have a strict “no gadgets” rule. It’s refreshing to see the children connect with nature and learn about their world! From the stars to the trees, we enjoy watching their curiosity grow with every camping trip we take. Our latest trip to Yosemite National Park is probably my favorite with it’s spectacular views and nature!  The team at Bebe Voyage put together a great Camping Packing List to make preparing for this type of trip a breeze!

Space Camp

Space Camp in a pool

My son wanted to attend the Space Camp in Huntsville, AL for the longest time–we knew we would have to go. Last year, we booked a 4-day trip and accompanied our children to what was easily their most exciting vacation! They got to experience space simulations, learn how to be an astronaut, launch missions in simulation, and learn about various space missions! Next year, we also plan to sign them up for model rocket making.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty sure this list will see a lot more additions in the years to come. These years with our children are very important to us before time becomes a constraint. We treasure these adventures and I’m glad we chose to create these memories to instill a sense of adventure into our kids! So, if you’re an enthusiastic adventurer like I am, I hope this list helps you choose your family’s next great adventure!

For more ideas on how to adventure with little ones, check out our own experiences and travel guides!


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